New Approved SRC Pay Rise for County Speakers, MCAs 2024-25 

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC), the statutory agency that sets the pay and benefits of state officers, has handed the counties’ political leadership handsome benefits beginning the next financial year.

1. Speaker of the County Assembly Salary

In the proposed gross remuneration – to be implemented in two phases- a speaker of the county assembly will have their gross pay move from the current Sh525,525 to Sh562,312 from July 1.

However, the pay will move up to a gross of Sh 601,674 in the 2024-25 financial year when the last phase will be implemented.

2. Deputy speaker of the county assembly Salary

Deputy Speakers’ pay will move from the current Sh216,563 to Sh231,722 in the next financial year before settling on Sh247,943 in the 2024-25 period.

This gross pay will, however, exclude the committee sitting allowance which has been capped at Sh62, 400 for one committee per month.

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This means that if a deputy speaker sits in at least two committees then they will pocket a total gross monthly pay of Sh356, 5 22 from July 1 per month.

The amount will rise to Sh372,743 in the 2024-25 financial year.

3. Majority and Minority Salary

Majority and Minority leaders will have their gross pay increase from Sh144,375 to Sh191,324 in the next financial year and Sh204,717 in the subsequent year.

They will also enjoy a committee sitting allowance of ShSh62, 400 for one committee per month. 

4. Salary Of An Mca In Kenya

For the MCAs, the SRC in its latest review has enhanced their gross pay from Sh144,375 to Sh154,481 starting from the salary in July.

The pay will be hiked to Sh164,588  from the 2024-25  financial year.

The committee sitting allowance has been retained at Sh62, 400 for one committee per month. 

This means that an MCA who sits in only one committee will be paid a gross salary of Sh216,881 from next month from the current Sh206,775.

From July 2024, the payment will go up to Sh226,988 in case a member sits in only one committee.

However, most MCAs sit in at least two committees.

The details are contained in the SRC’s presentation to County Assembly Service Boards on the 3rd public service remuneration and benefits review cycle for 2021-22-2024-25

MCAs have been agitating for a pay rise saying they are earning peanuts despite their heavy work as legislators at the devolved units.

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