How Much Does A Principal Secretary (PS) Earn In Kenya

A principal secretary is tasked with the administration of a state department. There are 50 principal secretaries in Kenya.

Functions of Principal Secretaries in Kenya 

In Kenya, Principal Secretaries play a crucial role in the government’s administrative structure. They are senior civil servants who serve as the accounting officers for various government ministries. Here are some of the key functions and responsibilities of Principal Secretaries in Kenya:

  1. Policy Implementation: Principal Secretaries are responsible for implementing government policies, plans, and programs within their respective ministries. They ensure that the government’s objectives and goals are effectively carried out and achieved.
  2. Budgeting and Financial Management: Principal Secretaries oversee the budgetary process within their ministries. They work with the relevant departments to develop annual budgets, allocate resources, and monitor expenditures to ensure fiscal discipline and accountability.
  3. Strategic Planning: Principal Secretaries participate in the formulation of long-term strategic plans for their ministries. They identify priorities, set goals and targets, and develop strategies to achieve them. They also monitor and evaluate the progress made towards the implementation of these plans.
  4. Coordination and Collaboration: Principal Secretaries work closely with other government agencies, departments, and stakeholders to ensure effective coordination and collaboration. They facilitate cooperation between different ministries and oversee inter-ministerial projects and initiatives.
  5. Human Resource Management: Principal Secretaries are responsible for managing human resources within their ministries. They oversee the recruitment, training, and development of staff, ensuring that the ministry has the right personnel with the necessary skills and expertise to deliver on its mandate.
  6. Stakeholder Engagement: Principal Secretaries engage with various stakeholders, including the public, private sector, civil society organizations, and development partners. They build relationships, gather feedback, and address concerns to ensure that the ministry’s policies and programs are responsive to the needs of the people.
  7. Reporting and Accountability: Principal Secretaries are accountable for the performance and delivery of their ministries. They prepare reports, provide updates, and brief the Cabinet Secretary and other government officials on the progress and challenges faced in their respective areas of responsibility.
  8. Policy Advice: Principal Secretaries provide expert advice and recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary and other government officials on matters within their ministries’ jurisdiction. They analyze data, conduct research, and offer insights to support evidence-based decision-making.

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Principal Secretary Salary In Kenya 

The gross monthly salary attached to this post is Ksh 765,188 plus other benefits as determined by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Below is a breakdown of the pay.

Principal Secretary Salary And Allowances
Basic SalaryKsh 459,113
House AllowanceKsh 150,000
Market AdjustmentKsh 156,075
Total Salary Per MonthKsh 765,188

Other Benefits

Mortgage – Up to KES 35 million

Car Loan – Up to KES 8 million

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