County Government Employees’ Salaries in Kenya 2023

Since 2013, governors have increased their hiring, more than tripling the county government employees’ pay costs, undermining efforts to rein in the skyrocketing compensation in the public sector.

In Kenya, the cost of salaries for the public sector accounts for 50% of total tax revenue.

The IMF estimates that roughly 35 percent is the global benchmark.

With their internal revenue collection goals consistently missed, counties have been obliged to cut back on funding for development projects and have increased their dependency on cash transfers from the Treasury as a result of the soaring wage bill.

County Government Jobs

The recruiting of technical personnel, according to county administrations, was required since the vast majority of the county government employees they inherited from the disbanded local authorities were inexperienced.

According to verified figures, the counties’ payrolls had increased by 30,000 employees over the previous four years.


Contrast this to the national government, which had a 14,000 rise in staff within the same time frame thanks to a hiring freeze in non-essential ministries.

The government’s hiring and pay freeze for non-essential positions paved the way for challenging times to come as the price of necessities like food, housing, and petrol continues to rise.

Below is the salary for each senior county employee, according to the Salary and Remuneration Commission’s salary structures:

OFFICIAL.               AMOUNT(KSH)

Governor                  1,185,864

Deputy Governor.     799,420

Assembly Speaker    587,830

Deputy Speaker.        466,661

CEC Member            368,212

MCA                          333,157

Chief Officer.            226,148

You will be exposed to a variety of transactions while working for the county, and because each governor has a favored staff, your job is on the line. Your employment is a five-year contract by default.

I  cannot encourage people to leave their stable employment to work for the counties.

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