Public Health Officers, Registration and Salary

Public Health Officers, Registration and Salary

According to the Public Health Officers (Training, Registration, and Licensing) Act No. 12 of 2013, Laws of Kenya, every public health officer/technician operating in Kenya must be registered and licensed with the Public Health Officers and Technicians Council Kenya. Requirements for Registration 1. Professionals trained in Kenya Eligible candidates would be required to take a … Read more

How To Pay KRA Penalties 2024

Pay KRA Penalties

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has made it easier for anyone who wants to check their KRA penalties to be able to do just that online, you can pay your KRA penalties easily by following the easy guide in this article. How to check all your KRA penalties and how you can pay your KRA penalties online or … Read more

How to Download KRA PIN Certificate, from KRA Portal

How to Download KRA PIN certificate, from KRA portal

Most times when you have applied for a KRA PIN, you will most likely get the PIN certificate sent directly to your email. However, along the way, you may lose access to your email or delete your emails. In this case, what do you do when you need to get your PIN certificate through the … Read more

Ciru Muriuki Biography, Age, Education, Career And Net Worth

Ciru Muriuki Biography

Ciru Muriuki, a veteran journalist has worked for giant media houses in and out of Kenya with her last assignment being with BBC where she left in 2023. Other than gaining fame as a TV and Radio girl, Ciru has established herself as a strong women’s rights defender and she was at the forefront of … Read more

Director Trevor Biography, Age, Tribe, Girlfriend, Education & Net Worth.

Director Trevor Biography

Director Trevor is the founder and CEO of Mungai Eve Media which has been rebranded now to Kenya Online Media. He has captured online space with a unique type of content production making it the number one online Media in the country. Real name He has been known by many people both online and in … Read more

Sammy Mwangi Biography, Becky actor(Tito), Age, Career, Family

Sammy Mwangi Biography

Sammy Mwangi, a versatile artist known for his role Tito, in the popular Citizen TV series Becky’, is also a voice artist, filmmaker, producer, and MCee, who has carved a unique path in the entertainment industry. Born in Nairobi’s Majengo area, Sammy’s family didn’t boast wealth, but he recounts having everything he ever wanted while growing up. … Read more

Mbusii Biography, Age, Radio Career, Fiance & Salary

Mbusii Biography

Mbusii was born in Korogocho and attended Eastleigh Airport Primary and Maina Wanjigi High School. He started off selling soup in the Korogocho area and later started going to the Kenya National Theatre where he landed roles in high school set-book plays, especially children’s roles. Then television roles started calling when the program Crazy Kenyans … Read more

Okiya Omtatah’s Car Worth Kes1.2m

Okiya Omtatah's Car Worth Kes1.2m

Okiya Omtatah was elected as a senator for Busia County, but he did not allow the trappings of power to get to his head. The politician said he did not upgrade his official car to go home. While most of his colleagues went for the Toyota Land Cruiser, Okiya Omtatah’s car is a Nissan AD. Demio’s … Read more

Mungai Eve Biography, Age, Education, Career, Breakup & Current Boyfriend

Mungai Eve Biography

Mungai Eve is a known name in Kenya, especially among the young generations and celebrities. She is a very well-established content creator who grew gradually to become among the most sought-after interviewers for digital media in Kenya. Mungai Eve’s Real Name Mungai Eve’s full name Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai. She was born on April 6th, in … Read more

Meet Esther Musila’s First Husband, Mr Eric

Esther Musila's First Husband

Esther Musila’s first husband, the father of her three children met when she moved to Nairobi from Nakuru for work. The mother of three said she got a job with a firm that was near State House in Nairobi and that it was while she was in that job that she started building her life. … Read more

Esther Musila Biography, Education, Husband, Career & Networth

Esther Musila Biography

Esther Musila is a remarkable woman. She has defied the societal norms and expectations about her relationship with Guardian Angel. She believes that love is a matter of choice and that age difference should not be a barrier to finding happiness. Despite having grown-up children, Esther Musila decided to settle with Guardian Angel, who is … Read more

Prince Indah Biography, From Mjengo Site To Kenyan Musician

Prince Indah Biography

Prince Indah begins in the informal settlement of Huruma within Nairobi City. Evans who later came to be known as Prince Indah, was born on 9th August 1994 and he is the third born of five children in the Owino family. “I come from a small village in Ugunja, Siaya County. But I was born here … Read more

Top 5 Prominent Celebs In Kenya Who Were Cremated

5 Prominent Celebs In Kenya Who Were Cremated

In this article we are looking for a prominent celeb in Kenya who requested to be cremated. Cremation according to the dictionary Britanicca is the practice of reducing a corpse to its essential elements by burning. The body is placed in a chamber where intense heat transforms it in an hour or two to a few … Read more

Climax Coaches Limited Western-Bound Bus Owners

Climax Coaches Limited Western-Bound Bus Owners

Climax coaches limited stands out as a leading bus company in Kenya, renowned for its commitment to providing affordable and dependable transport services across the former Nyanza, Rift Valley, and Western Provinces. With a fleet of over 100 buses, comprising models from reputable brands such as Isuzu, Man, and Scania, Climax Coaches has become a … Read more

Raila Odinga Salary & Role If Elected AU Chairperson

Raila Odinga Powers & Salary If Elected AU Chairperson

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will wield immense power in the continent should his bid for the African Union – AU Chairperson sail through. As detailed in the AU mandate, the chairperson has 12 statutory roles and gets a monthly salary of Ksh2.4 million (US15,576.75) among other hefty perks. Notably, should the ODM boss clinch … Read more

Top 7 Richest Female Celebrities In Kenya 2024

Richest Female Celebrities In Kenya

Media is among the top industries that are growing rapidly with talented celebrities in Kenya. It is interesting for you to know that the female celebrities who made our list of the top richest female celebrities in Kenya are self-made female personalities who through their talents, hard work, and dedication rose to stardom and made … Read more