Top 5 Most Expensive Estates in Nairobi City

Expensive Estates

While the majority of residents in Eastlands favor typical estates, some well-off people prefer affluent areas. Some of the Expensive Estates are Runda, Karen, Kitisuru, and Muthaiga. People can spend up to Ksh300,000 each month here. The Most Expensive Estates in Nairobi, and their Monthly Rent: 1. Kitisuru A luxurious neighborhood in Nairobi. Beyond Westlands, … Read more

Harmonize Gets Matching Tattoos With His New Girlfriend

Harmonize Gets Matching Tattoos With His New Girlfriend

Tanzanian musician Harmonize and his girlfriend Laika, who hails from Uganda, recently made headlines when they got matching tattoos as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other. The couple’s decision to get inked together is not only a trend among celebrities but also speaks volumes about their relationship and their desire to … Read more

Property Owned by Rachel Ruto – Her Networth

Property Owned by Rachel Ruto- Her Networth

First Lady Rachel Ruto owns significant stakes in several companies alongside Ruto and other family members, she also has key roles in the day-to-day running of many of the firms. The Rutos have over the years built a multi-billion shilling empire with interests across sectors including real estate, hospitality, insurance, and agriculture. When two people … Read more

Charlene Ruto Net Worth-Multi-Million Business Empires

Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto is the daughter of President William Ruto. Since Ruto took over as President in 2022, Charlene has been the most visible of Ruto’s children. She has attended and spoken at several public forums, mostly on youth affairs. She stoked public outrage earlier this year after referring to the ‘Office of the First Daughter’, … Read more

Renson Mulele Ingonga-The Man Who Replaced Noordin Haji As DPP In Kenya

Renson Mulele Ingonga

Renson Mulele Ingonga Born in Kakamega county, Ingonga was among the insiders from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions who were interviewed for the job. The interviews were conducted on August 1 and 2. Until his appointment, the prosecutor has been heading the regional office in Garissa and is at the rank of … Read more

Director Trevor Discloses Mungai Eve YouTube Earning

Director Trevor Discloses Mungai Eve YouTube Earning

Mungai Eve’s Boyfriend and Content creator Bonaventure Monyancha, widely recognized as Director Trevor, has shared his private plans with his girlfriend Mungai Eve with his fans and followers on social media. In a Sunday Instagram Q&A session, Director Trevor revealed his plans to start a family, indicating that they have chosen January 26, 2026, as … Read more

Top 10 Richest Musicians in Africa

Top 10 Richest Musician in Africa

10. Fally Ipupa Net worth: $13.6 million Fally Ipupa is a Congolese singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, guitarist, producer, and the UNICEF National Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  With his distinctive technique of fusing African melodies with contemporary pop music garnering him a worldwide fan base, Congo’s Fally Ipupa is the tenth richest musician in … Read more

Family Bank Founder Story- Titus Muya’s Journey

Family Bank Founder Story- Titus Muya's Journey

In the annals of business success stories, Titus Muya’s journey stands out as a testament to unwavering determination and resilience. Born in Kenya, Muya’s path to entrepreneurship was marked by hurdles and setbacks, but his unyielding spirit propelled him to build one of Kenya’s most prominent financial institutions, Family Bank. Early Struggles and Humiliation Muya’s … Read more

Jalang’o Education Background & KCSE Score

Jalang'o Education Background & KCSE Score

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwuor, widely known as Jalang’o, has shared a poignant chapter of his life during a recent interview on TV47’s entertainment show, Wabebe XP. (Watch the video at the end of this article) In a candid conversation with Willis Raburu, Jalang’o opened up about his journey from high school to becoming … Read more

Cadets in Kenya: The Future of the Kenya Defence Forces

Cadets in Kenya

A cadets in Kenya are military officer who is still in training. They are the most junior officers in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). Cadets undergo a rigorous training program at the Kenya Military Academy (KMA) in Lanet, Nakuru County. The training program lasts for two years and covers a wide range of subjects, including … Read more

Steps to Become a Military Nurse

Military Nurse

Military nurses work at home and abroad to provide top-level care for members of the armed forces. Military nurses’ responsibilities vary depending on their focus and military branch. These healthcare professionals may offer assistance in various settings to fulfill critical needs in environments like far-away warzones and local military healthcare providers. If you’re looking to … Read more

CBK Chair Andrew Musangi Companies He Owns

CBK Chair Andrew Musangi Companies

A week ago, Parliament approved the nomination of Andrew Musangi as the chairperson of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). This came after he was vetted for the position by a joint National Assembly and Senate committee. Andrew Musangi Bio Musangi is the son-in-law of the late Kenyan industrialist Chris Kirubi. He is married to the billionaire’s … Read more

LESEDI Director, Geoffrey Kiragu, Faces 12 Land Fraud Charges.

LESEDI Director, Geoffrey Kiragu

Geoffrey Kiragu, who holds the position of director at the reputable real estate company Lesedi Developers, found himself in the midst of a legal ordeal. He was brought before the Thika Law Courts and charged with 12 charges, all stemming from the accusation of obtaining money through deceit. When appearing before Senior Resident Magistrate Oscar Wanyaga, Kiragu … Read more

Top 10 Largest Hospitals In Africa(Equipment and Facilities)

Top 10 Largest Hospitals In Africa(Equipment and Facilities)

A good healthcare system should have enough professionals and support personnel to handle emergencies and reduce casualties, in addition to adequate structures and equipment. This will develop our article on the largest hospitals In Africa However, in recent years, the spotlight has been shone on the state of hospital facilities in countries all over the … Read more

Kenyan Celebrities Who Own Nightclub Today

Kenyan Celebrities Who Own Nightclub Today

Various celebrities have in the past come out to seek financial help after running bankrupt. Many wasted money by living a lavish and extravagant lifestyle. It is always advisable to save for a rainy day and this is exactly what most celebrities are doing to avoid going broke. Many have invested in real estate and … Read more

How to Win MozzartBet Daily Jackpot Bonuses

MozzartBet Daily Jackpot Bonuses

Many people have been asking how Mozzartbet daily jackpot bonuses are awarded. The jackpot has 16 games and a maximum cash prize of Ksh20 million. According to Mozzart, bonuses are awarded to those getting 13,14, and 15 correct predictions. The jackpot bonuses are distributed equally among winners of a specific number of games. For instance, … Read more