G4S Security Guards Salary Responsibilities & Recruitment

G4S Security Guards Salary Responsibilities & Recruitment

G4S security guards focus on delivering high-standard security services to customers on six continents, including Kenya. As a Security Guard working for G4S, you have a crucial responsibility to protect the people and assets of your clients. In this article, we will discuss the responsibilities, recruitment, and salary of G4S Security Guards. G4S Security Guards … Read more

Multi-billion Hilton Hotel in Nairobi Is On Sale

Multi-billion Hilton Hotel in Nairobi On Sale

The famous former Hilton Hotel is owned by International Hotels (Kenya) Limited, and the company has extended an invitation to interested parties to purchase a 59.42 percent interest in the property. The Kenya Development Corporation (KDC), which is the custodian of State shares in hotels and lodges, valued the government’s stake in the hotel at … Read more

How Deputy Rigathi Office Spent KES18.14M on Curtains

Deputy Rigathi Office

Kenyans are scratching their heads over the lavish spending habits of Deputy Rigathi Gachagua’s office. Despite preaching the need for budget cuts in the government, they splurged a staggering Sh10 million on curtains. This raised eyebrows nationwide, especially as austerity measures were being emphasized. Adding to the intrigue, it’s been revealed that Gachagua’s office still … Read more

How To Pay KRA Penalties 2024

Pay KRA Penalties

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has made it easier for anyone who wants to check their KRA penalties to be able to do just that online, you can pay your KRA penalties easily by following the easy guide in this article. How to check all your KRA penalties and how you can pay your KRA penalties online or … Read more

How to Download KRA PIN Certificate, from KRA Portal

How to Download KRA PIN certificate, from KRA portal

Most times when you have applied for a KRA PIN, you will most likely get the PIN certificate sent directly to your email. However, along the way, you may lose access to your email or delete your emails. In this case, what do you do when you need to get your PIN certificate through the … Read more

How to Open a Petrol Station In Kenya

Petrol Station In Kenya

Just like any other enterprise, the petrol station business in Kenya needs flexible and good planning to set yourself on the path to success as an entrepreneur. According to businessman Jacob Simiyu of Jadedo Investments, which vends fuel along Eldoret – Iten Road at Sinai, proper organizational skills are essential for the long-term survival of … Read more

Qwetu Student Hostels Prices 2024

Qwetu Student Hostels Prices 2024

In this section, you will find information about the pricing structure and options available for student accommodation offered by Qwetu student hostels Please note that specific prices may vary based on factors such as location, room type, and amenities, so it’s always best to contact Qwetu or visit their official website for the most accurate … Read more

Christina Shusho’s Dream to Own a House with a Swimming Pool Turned into a Nightmare

Christina Shusho's Dream to Own a House

Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho says she was in debt after purchasing land in different areas between 2016 and 2018. Speaking on her new YouTube channel, Reli, she said she wanted to build a house. “It was my dream to have a house, one with a swimming pool, in Mikocheni, Tanzania. The seller gave me … Read more

Meet the Owner of the Club034 Kitengela Built Inside a Plane

Meet the Owner of the Club034 in Kitengela Built Inside a Plane

Emanuel Ng’etich a businessman bought the grounded Boeing 720 and turned it into one of the best entertainment spots- Club034 Kitengela still holds the forte as the number one entertainment spot for party lovers. Entrepreneurs have to come up with ingenious ways of attracting and maintaining the ever-jumpy and demanding revelers. The proprietor of Club034, … Read more

Top 5 Best-Selling Paint Companies in Kenya

Top 5 Best-Selling Paint Companies in Kenya

Aggressive marketing by paint companies has also contributed to the success of the industry which is currently dominated by a handful of companies. The paint is best suited for infection-prone places such as health institutions and humid surfaces such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. Local paint giants, continue to add color to Kenyan real estate, … Read more

Meet Billionaire Ann Njoroge’s Beautiful Daughter-Sara Wanjiku

Meet Billionaire Ann Njoroge's Beautiful Daughter-Sara Wanjiku

Ann Njoroge, the businesswoman implicated in the KSH 17 billion fuel scandal, addressed the media on Monday after resurfacing from her abscond last week. Now Sara Wanjiku her daughter came to her rescue. In her statement to the media, the affluent business magnate reaffirmed her ownership of the fuel that had been unlawfully discharged in … Read more

Fred Ranch and Resort Kitengela, Menu Prices & Contacts

Fred Ranch and Resort

Fred Ranch and Resort stands as an extraordinary retreat for urbanites yearning for a well-deserved family break away from the cacophony and pollution of the city. Nestled on a sprawling 10-acre expanse in Kisaju, Isinya, within Kajiado County, this self-made haven is the brainchild of veteran media personality Fred Machoka and his wife Sophia, crafted … Read more

Inside the Trader’s Mind: Psychology’s Role in Successful Forex Trading

Psychology's Role in Successful Forex Trading

For a quick second, think of a fictitious novice trader called John, who is about to execute his very first trade in the Forex trading/market. But as he hovers over the ‘buy’ button, a wave of doubt washes over him. What if his analysis is wrong? What if he loses money? The psychological battlefield in … Read more

Muthokinju Paints, Owners, Branches and Products

Muthokinju Paints, Owners, Branches and Products

Muthokinju Paints was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LTD) in 2004. It then took almost another decade for the company to open a second and third branch in 2013.  However, Muthokinju’s growth caught on rapidly, with the company opening a new branch each year in 2014, 2015, and 2016, two branches in 2019, four … Read more