Members County Assembly (MCA) Total Salaries and Allowances in Kenya in 2020.


MCA’s salaries keep rising, their monthly payments as of 2020 stands at Ksh600,000. The salary is an aggregate of allowances and basic pay. Initially, they were earning a gross pay of Ksh250,000 per month but over time, their salaries have been rising.

Here is the breakdown of their salaries and allowances for the year 2020

Monthly salary—Ksh 165,000

Monthly airtime—Ksh 5,000

Sitting allowance—Ksh5,000 per session

Monthly mileage allowance—Ksh40,000

Per diem of local and foreign travel-Ksh150,000 per month on average

The MCAs also earn extra money from the tenders they award themselves, most of them have registered companies which are awarded county tenders.

In a good year, an MCA takes home Ksh 7 million.

The problem is that some of them misuse this money. A number of MCAs have gone ahead to marry second wives; others have several girlfriends whom they are paying rent for.


Though salaries and remuneration commission has set salaries and allowances for MCA, most of them have devised several ways of increasing the pay. Foreign trips are some of the many ways they use to increase the pay. If the government tries to control them, they threaten to impeach him.

Going by the current salary increase trends, CA is likely to earn more than Ksh 1 million per month as of 2022.

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