Next On Ringo: Finally, Rafa Lands A Great Punch And Alejo Bears The Brunt.

Alejo Bears The Brunt

Alejo: Susana is concerned about her son and Julia tries to reassure her. I wouldn’t want my kid in the ring right now. Finally, Rafa lands a great punch and Alejo bears the brunt. By the way, Alejo looks pretty beat up as well. The rounds continue and Rafa punches but hit the air. Alejo’s punches are better aimed and meet their mark. Sandra looks away. Ringo remains calm as Rafa’s face is being permanently marked. When Julia cheers for Rafa, Gloria turns on her and wonders if she is…

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Police Are Looking For Tracey Fadhil, A 19yr Old Suspected Of Adding Viagra In A Church Water Tank In Taveta, Taita.

Tracey Fadhil

Tracey Fadhil: Kenyan police are looking for a 19 year old girl who mischievously put s_x pills in a church water tank accessible to many congregants. Tracey Fadhil, a 19yr old suspected of adding viagra in a church water tank in Taveta, Taita Taveta County, Kenya is on the run according to Nairobi mini Bloggers. Sildenafil, sold under the brand name Viagra among others, is a medication used to treat er_ctile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is unclear if it is effective for treating s_xual dysfunction in women. It is taken by…

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My Husband Almost Killed Me With Serious Beating Because I Mistakenly Slapped Him During A Little Quarrel- Woman Cry Out To Police.


A lady Known as mama Tony (popularly known as Iron lady) has called out to the police to come to her aid after her husband almost killed her with serious beating because she Mistakenly slapped him during a little quarrel they had. She told the police men at the police division in ibusa, oshimili north local government area, Delta State. That her husband was a dipsomaniac (an uncontrollable drunkard) and that he spends all the money he makes drinking with his friends while her and her children could barely feed…

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At Least 5 People Died, Above 40 Injured In South African Mega Church Shooting.


According to a statement by South Africa’s top cop, General Khehla John Sitole: “Four people were found shot and burnt to death in a car while a fifth victim, a security guard, was also fatally shot in his car while he was apparently attending this complaint.” The unusually violent incident took place early Saturday when an armed group stormed the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Zuurbekom, on the western outskirts of Johannesburg, “indicating that they were coming to take over the premises,” police said. The church has had multiple succession-related…

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Next On Ringo: Julia’s Face Reflects Her Fury At Diego’s Machinations. She Is In Disbelief And Wonders Who She Actually Married


Julia and Sandra reprise their conversation. Julia’s face reflects her fury at Diego’s machinations. She is in disbelief and wonders who she actually married. Ringo told her so many times that Diego wasn’t who she thought and yet, she never listened. She curses Diego and wants to kill him, but Sandra warns her not to do anything until she talks to Avendaño…she might alert Diego. Julia threatens that if she finds out that Diego had anything to do with her father’s murder, she will make sure he rots in jail…

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Patients Narrate How Nurses At Coptic Hospital Raped And Misused Them, Nairobi County(VIDEO).

How Nurses At Coptic Hospital Raped

“The County can now authoritatively report that night duty nurses and orderlies at the Nairobi’s Coptic Hospital, have been freely sedating and raping weak and vulnerable patients, under the very watch of the hospital administration. In an exclusive interview with The County, one of the latest victims gives a blow~by~blow account of her heart-wrenching and scary ordeal at Coptic, worth the attention and action of the relevant authorities, as soon as yesterday. According to the patient, who will call ‘Lucy’ (not her real name. We conceal her identity for her…

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Revealed: Kenya Police Salary and Remuneration

Kenya Police

Kenya Police: There has been rumors that the Kenyan police have been complaining about their salaries and remuneration. The Government took the initiative to increase their allowances and basic salary to improve the law enforcers’ living standards. With the already-sullied reputation of Kenyan police that ranges from allegations of extrajudicial killings to corruption, the initiative was rallied with the intention to cub the allegations.   The basic salary of a constable in the new payroll structure is a total Kenyans shillings of 394,560 per year. While a corporal will earn a…

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Your Monthly Mobile Data Doesn’t Last Long Right? – Here Are The Things You Must Do To Make Your Data Last

Mobile Data

Mobile Data: Many android or iOS users complain about the high consumption of data nowadays but forget that there are some things to do that will make the data last longer than expected. We know that because of this pandemic a lot of people are indoors and they spend the most time of the day with their phone. Now let’s take a look at the tips to minimize your phone data consumption. 1. Limit your Data usage in android settings:  Here is how you can limit your mobile data usage, you will go…

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How to Fix iPhone Charger Quickly and Easily

iPhone Charge

iPhone Charger: Most of us have probably lost count of how many iPhone cords we have purchased over the years. It’s easy to complain about a broken charger, but let’s be honest—we don’t exactly treat the cords too nicely. We constantly throw them around, plug and unplug our phones infinite times per day, and sometimes leave them sitting underneath a ton of heavy objects inside bags for days on end. It’s no surprise these cables break from time to time. It’s easy enough to buy a new cable, but they…

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Next On Ringo: Rosa Wakes up and Calls Out “Jefe”. After She Asks Why she is There


After Gloria leaves, Ringo tells Teresa that Turco kidnapped Gloria. She reminds Ringo that she wants Gloria out of there, but Ringo points out that Gloria hasn’t found a place yet. At the hospital, Rosa asks Guachin and Oso who they are. The doctor explains to Oso that sometimes after coming out of a coma, patients suffer post traumatic amnesia. Meanwhile, Guachin talks to Rosa about herself, telling her she is a wonderful boxer! Rosa mulls that over then remembers that Guachin is her friend and Oso is her boss.…

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