Ndovu ni Kuu Biography, Real Name, Education, Career, Personal Life

Ndovu ni Kuu caught the attention of the young and the old with his song which was inspired by his ex-girlfriend who after joining Kenyatta University replaced him with someone else and even got pregnant.

The song which had lines like “Mtoto Wangu akiitwa KU nitakataa” trended on social media platforms with so many Kenyans including artists jamming to it.

It was not just the lyrics that did it for Kenyans but it was the beats and the general vibe of the song. 

Ndovu ni Kuu Age, Real Name

He was born on 6th January 1996 in Kabete, Nairobi as the last born in a family of three. His real name is Christopher Thande Githara but only took up his pseudo-name for his music career.

When asked about why he chose the phrase, he says that he loves elephants, hails them for their strength and intelligence, and thus considers himself as so.


Christopher Thande was a student at Kahuho Uhuru Boys where he completed his studies with a B+ grade getting him a placement at Kenyatta University.

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He was placed in a Geospatial Engineering course. This did not intrigue him as a course selection and so he chose to join the East Africa School of Aviation for an Aeronautical Engineering program.

Ndovu ni Kuu Career Journey

The 25-year-old is an aeronautical engineer, a music producer, and an artist as well. He does not confine himself to a specific genre and believes he can sing any genre. His love for music started when he was very young and he also comes from a family that loves music.

His elder sister was a wannabe rapper. In high school, he took up music, played instruments, and participated in drama festivals. He would also write rap songs and play them in front of his peers. 

His musical journey began at Kahuho Uhuru Boys where he took up instruments and was an active member of the music and drama festivals. 

Coming together with Papa Jones and Boutross Munene, the three released Ndovu ni Kuu, a song inspired by Krispah’s ex-girlfriend called Pamela who broke his heart. Pamela was then a student at Kenyatta University and as the two dated, she went behind his back and got involved with another man. She would then get pregnant with the man’s child leaving Krispah in a rude shock. 

The song ‘Ndovu ni Kuu’ was published on May 22 2021 but after garnering three million views in a few weeks, the video was pulled down from YouTube on grounds of copyright infringement. Dexta Briyanka is a rising artist who filed the infringement case against the trio and coupled with the defamation to Kenyatta University, was able to have the video pulled down.

A line in the song says, “Mtoto Wangu akiitwa KU nitakataa”. This made rounds online and apparently negatively affected the number of admission applications made to the institution. 

The trio went on to say that they would have the video back online despite the claims raised against it.

Hit Song

The single was inspired by a true story where his then-girlfriend Pamela studying at Kenyatta University, allegedly got involved with another man behind his back and got pregnant. Krispah has also released several singles, such as:

  1. Bado mi Nakudai
  2. Tetanus
  3. Adabu
  4. Let Me Lie to You
  5. Sikusoma ft Third Eye Simba & Kemboste
  6. Pattern
  7. Usherati
  8. Maggie wa Nyumbani ft Bien
  9. Kenyan Golden Times Medley
  10. Sirudi Home

Ndovu Kuu Girlfriend

Christopher Thande(Ndovu Kuu) is currently single and has not disclosed any information about his dating life. However, he was previously known to have dated Pamela, a girlfriend with whom he later broke up. Pamela was the inspiration for his single Ndovu ni Kuu.

She allegedly went behind his back, cheated, and sired another man’s child. He recounts that he would never allow his child to enroll in a higher learning institution reeling from his personal heartbreak story.

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