Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) Salary And Allowances In Kenya 2023

Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) are officials appointed by the President of Kenya to assist Cabinet Secretaries in their duties. They were introduced in 2018 as part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s efforts to improve service delivery and coordination within the government.

CASs are responsible for implementing government policies and programs, managing budgets, overseeing projects, and communicating government plans and decisions to the public. They work closely with Cabinet Secretaries and other government officials to ensure that government programs are implemented efficiently and effectively.

CASs are appointed based on their qualifications, experience, and expertise in specific fields, such as education, health, agriculture, finance, and transport, among others. They are accountable to the Cabinet Secretary in charge of their respective ministries and are required to report to the Cabinet Secretary on a regular basis.

There are 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries as of right now. In carrying out their responsibilities, they are answerable to the Cabinet Secretary.

Chief Administrative Secretaries in Kenya work under a contract based on the appointment authority’s discretion.

According to the Public Service Commission, their post has a public service grade of CS6 3. Benefits and compensation are offered according to the level.

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Requirements for Appointment as a CAS in Kenya

To be appointed as a Chief Administrative Secretary in Kenya, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. Hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  3. Have at least five years of relevant work experience in their field of expertise.
  4. Have demonstrated leadership skills and a track record of successfully managing teams and projects.
  5. Possess excellent communication skills and be able to effectively articulate government policies and programs to the public.
  6. Be of high integrity and have a clean criminal record.
  7. Be nominated by the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the relevant ministry, and approved by the President.
  8. Not hold any other state or public office.
  9. Be committed to serving the public and improving the lives of Kenyans.
  10. Show that you understand and are using both national and public service values and principles.
  11. Show that you understand and can use good governance.
  12. Satisfy the conditions outlined in Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

It’s worth noting that the specific qualifications and experience required may vary depending on the ministry or sector in which the Chief Administrative Secretary is appointed.

Functions of Chief Administrative Secretaries In Kenya

The functions of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) in Kenya include:

  1. Assisting Cabinet Secretaries in the formulation and implementation of government policies and programs.
  2. Overseeing the day-to-day operations of their respective ministries or sectors, including managing budgets, projects, and programs.
  3. Providing strategic leadership and direction to their departments and agencies, and ensuring that government programs are implemented effectively and efficiently.
  4. Representing the government in various forums and meetings, both locally and internationally.
  5. Liaising with stakeholders, including the private sector, civil society organizations, and development partners, to ensure effective implementation of government programs.
  6. Facilitating the implementation of the Big Four Agenda, which focuses on manufacturing, affordable housing, universal healthcare, and food security.
  7. Communicating government policies and programs to the public and ensuring that there is transparency and accountability in the implementation of these programs.
  8. Providing oversight and supervision of state corporations, parastatals, and other entities under their respective ministries.
  9. Performing any other duties as directed by the Cabinet Secretary or the President.

In summary, the primary role of Chief Administrative Secretaries in Kenya is to support Cabinet Secretaries in delivering efficient and effective government services to Kenyans.

Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Salary In Kenya

According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) of Kenya, Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) earn a gross salary of Kshs. 924,000 per month. Besides good salaries, the CASs will enjoy other benefits and perks.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits the CASs will enjoy:

  • Monthly salary – Sh765,138
  • House allowance – Sh200,000
  • Entertainment allowance – Sh100,000
  • Car grant – Sh10 million
  • Mortgage – Sh35 million
  • Health cover – Sh10 million outpatient and Sh3 million inpatient

They are also privileged to have two high-end vehicles, two secretaries, a driver, and a personal assistant as well as unspecified security detail.

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In addition to their basic salary, CASs are entitled to other allowances and benefits, including medical cover, group life insurance, and pension contributions. They are also entitled to allowances for air travel, hospitality, and communication, among others, when on official duty.

It’s worth noting that the salaries and allowances of public officers in Kenya are subject to review by the SRC from time to time. Any changes to the salary structure of CASs would be communicated by the commission through official channels.

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