County Chief Officer Functions & Salary Kenya 2022

The law states that vacancies for the position of the County chief officer should be filed within fourteen days by the county governor. The governor should in the stipulated period — nominate qualified and experienced county chief officers from among persons competitively sourced and recommended by the County Public Service Board; and with the approval of the county assembly, appoint CCO.

The office of county chief officers falls under the jurisdiction of the county public service.


County Chief Officer Roles And Responsibilities

A County Chief Officer (CCO) is a senior executive in the public sector who is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a county government. Their roles and responsibilities may vary depending on the county and jurisdiction they serve, but in general, CCOs are responsible for the following:

  1. Strategic planning: CCOs are responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans that align with the county’s overall goals and objectives. They must ensure that all departmental plans and activities are in line with the county’s strategic direction.
  2. Budgeting and financial management: CCOs are responsible for overseeing the county’s finances, including developing budgets, managing expenditures, and ensuring that financial reports are accurate and transparent.
  3. Staff management: CCOs are responsible for managing the county’s workforce, including hiring, training, and evaluating staff. They must ensure that all staff members are performing their duties efficiently and effectively.
  4. Policy development: CCOs are responsible for developing policies that guide the county’s operations and ensure that all activities are in compliance with legal requirements and regulations.
  5. Public relations: CCOs serve as the primary point of contact for the public and must ensure that the county is communicating effectively with its constituents. They may also represent the county in negotiations with other government agencies and organizations.
  6. Emergency management: CCOs are responsible for developing and implementing emergency management plans to ensure that the county is prepared to respond to natural disasters, public health emergencies, and other crises.
  7. Resource allocation: CCOs are responsible for allocating resources to various departments and programs within the county. They must ensure that resources are being used effectively and efficiently.

Overall, the role of a County Chief Officer is to ensure that the county’s operations are running smoothly and efficiently and that the county is providing high-quality services to its constituents.

The county chief officer should be the authorized officer in respect of the exercise of delegated power. “Authorized officer” includes—

  • the holder of the office of county chief officer in a county department; or
  • in case of a department that is not assigned or under the direct administration of a county chief officer, the head of that department; and
  • any other public officer appointed by the County Public Service Board to be an authorized officer with respect to a specified public body including a city or urban area.

The governor may re-assign a county chief officer. That is, the chief officer may be transferred from one department to another.


The office of the county chief officer should become vacant if the officer—

  • dies;
  • resigns by notice in writing addressed to the governor; or
  • is removed from office in accordance with the terms of service or any other written law applicable to the officer.

County Chief Officer Job Group

In Kenya, the County Chief Officer (CCO) position is a senior management position in the county government and is classified under the County Public Service Job Group ‘S’.

Job Group S in the Kenyan public service includes senior executive positions responsible for the management of county or national government departments, agencies, and parastatals. This job group includes positions such as Director-General, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Officer.

The County Public Service Board (CPSB) is responsible for recruiting and selecting qualified candidates for positions in the County Public Service, including the CCO position. The job group determines the salary range, benefits, and other employment terms and conditions for the position, and these may vary depending on the county and specific department the CCO is appointed to lead.

County Chief Officer’s Salary

The County Chief Officer’s salary in Kenya is KES 200,270 minimum pay and KES 260,660 maximum pay inclusive of basic salary and allowances based on a 2013 circular on the remuneration and benefits of county public servants the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) issued.

  • Terms of Service: Contract
  • Basic Salary: Kshs.120, 270 – 196,270 p.m.
  • House Allowance: Kshs.56, 000 p.m.
  • Other allowances: Kshs.20,000 p.m.

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