Five Reasons Why William Samoei Ruto Is Feared And Loved With the Same Measure.

William Samoei Ruto

INTRODUCTION:-Dr. William Samoei Ruto is arguably the most discussed politician in Kenya especially due to matters Uhuru Kenyatta’s succession.

In fact, some local dailies ( DAILY NATION &THE STANDARD) carry headlines bearing His Excellency William Ruto’s name three times or more in a week. Whether that is the dailies’ opinion or opinion sponsored by William Ruto’s political rivals is indeed not clear!

William Ruto has faced “resistance” and malice from his political rivals and “political friends.” This is despite the political smiles and pleasantries that the citizenry is treated to in public.

Below are some of the reasons why the deputy President William Ruto is most feared within the ruling class but loved by wananchi;

AGGRESSIVENESS;- His razor focus approach to issues makes the pro-status quo in one leader who would pursue and implement government policies thoroughly and in earnest.

BRILLIANCE;– William Samoei Ruto is one of the most brilliant political leaders of our time. He has shown dignified restraint and set control in several catch 22 situations.

FIRMNESS:- Dr. Ruto’s serious and opinionated nature, especially on issues of national importance, makes him a front runner in the race to the statehouse. Such a leader would deal with persons who are anti-progress a big blow.

RELIGIOSITY;- Religion is the opium of masses. William Samoei Ruto is a religious man. This has helped him build vast networks with churches across the country. This has endeared him to congregants in these churches.

MAN OF THE PEOPLE/HUSTLER;– It is due to his rise from poverty to his current status that he is popularly referred to as HUSTLER. He has been seen severally interacting freely with Kenyans from a very humble background.

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In politics, CONSISTENCY is key While William Samoei Ruto advances his ambition, he MUST be guided by law number 48….”Assume formlessness”

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