Meet The Billionaire Who Owns Easy Coach Bus Company

Easy Coach Bus Company’s Owner is none other than Azym Dossa. He is a wealthy foreign investor in addition to being the founder and managing director of the well-known Easy Coach Bus Company.

Adossa spent 17 years as the Chief Financial Officer of a well-known transportation company, during which time she recognized the need to raise standards in the industry for client satisfaction.

He founded the renowned business in 2003. There are 37 branches across the nation, with the main office located in Railways along Haile Sellasie Avenue in Nairobi County. In the North Rift, South Rift, Nyanza, Western Kenya, and even Kampala, Uganda, more than 100 buses carry passengers and goods.

Who Is Azym

Azym is a philanthropist who helps underprivileged kids by arranging rotary charity programs, giving away free transportation, and giving away free reflector jackets to Bodaboda riders so they can be safe on Kenyan roads. In addition to being a good employer, Azym offers loans to all of his staff members so they can use the money for their kids’ tuition.

Along with a few friends who shared his vision, he founded Easy Coach in 2003 with just seven buses operating between Nairobi and Kisumu.

Right from the start, Dossa had a clear vision for his bus company – to provide safe, comfortable, and convenient travel options for passengers.

He believed in putting customer satisfaction at the forefront, even if it meant incurring short-term losses. Dossa focused on providing a superior travel experience for passengers, and he paid attention to every detail, from the seating configuration to the facilities provided on board.

Easy Coach Features

One of the unique features that set Easy Coach apart from other bus companies was the seat configuration. Dossa chose buses that offered ample legroom and comfort, ensuring that passengers had a comfortable journey, especially on long-distance routes.

In addition to the seating, Easy Coach also provided facilities like waiting lounges and washrooms, which were not common in the industry at that time. These efforts to prioritize customer satisfaction quickly earned Easy Coach a reputation as a reliable and customer-centric bus company.

However, building a successful bus company was not without its challenges. Dossa faced various obstacles along the way, including rising fuel prices and permit fees charged by counties, which increased the cost of doing business.

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Dossa and his team had to navigate through the uncertainties and changes in the industry, including implementing safety measures, managing reduced passenger numbers, and adapting to changing travel patterns.

Despite these challenges, Dossa’s determination and commitment to providing excellent service to customers helped Easy Coach weather the storm. He believes in constantly innovating and adapting to changing trends in the industry to meet the evolving needs and expectations of passengers.

Easy Coach has continued to invest in modern buses and expand its fleet, including longer buses with increased seating capacity, to cater to the growing demand for its services.


Today, Easy Coach operates a network of routes covering various destinations across Kenya, providing safe, reliable, and convenient travel options for both locals and tourists.

The company has a loyal customer base that trusts Easy Coach for their travel needs, thanks to Dossa’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Dossa is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a leader who values his team. He credits the success of Easy Coach to the support of his friends and partners, as well as the hard work and dedication of his team.

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