RIP! Kenyans Join DP William Ruto in Mourning Departed Hero

William Ruto

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Deputy President William Ruto is Mourning the death of the retired Lieutenant-General John Koech. DP William Ruto has described him as a person who served the country diligently and was a visionary person. He contributed to the transformation of the military in the country. He is shocked with the demise of the lieutenant and his heart is grieved. “Lieutenant-General (retd) John Koech was a leader of character, a hero, a true patriot, and a brave man in uniform who was dedicated to serve and defend our country. Quick-witted, strict but fair-minded,…

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Former president Mwai Kibaki’s Message To Uhuru In Presence Of Ruto

Former president Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru and Ruro

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Former president Mwai Kibaki, was sworn in as the head of state in 2002 where he was chosen under the Narc party ticket. Later on in 2007, he was again elected as the president of the republic in a disputed election which ended up in coming up with a grand coalition government. However, at one point in time, the former president could barely articulate himself during a burial function. The function that was being graced was for the burial of Inaugural Nyeri governor Nderitu Gachagua When Mwai Kibaki…

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10 Reasons Why William Ruto Is Still Unstoppable!

William Ruto Biography: Background, Politics, Marriage and More

TweetShareSharePin11 Shares 1. When William Ruto joined Wareng High school, having come from a humble background, many thought he would NOT finish, but… 2. When William Ruto asked Rachel to marry him, being a good CU girl, she first said NO, but… 3. When William Ruto joined YK92, being broke, many thought he would not last even for a week, but… 4. When DP Ruto ran against Reuben Chesire who was Moi’s handpick in Eldoret North Parliamentary seat, many thought he (Ruto) would not see the light of the day,…

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Influential Businessman Threatens to Ditch DP William Ruto For Raila Odinga.

William Ruto

TweetShare123SharePin123 Shares The DP William Ruto accompanied by leaders from the Coast region and other parts of the country pitched camp on the coast, an area considered to the opposition stronghold. The DP William Ruto did inspect development projects and also met leaders as he continues to strategize ahead of 2022 elections where he is seeking to become president when Uhuru Kenyatta finishes his second and final term as the head of state. According to the renowned media house here in Kenya, the businessman was denied access to his residence…

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Why Musalia Mudavadi And Kalonzo Musyoka Fear To Join Deputy president William Ruto To Craft A 2022 Pact.

Deputy president William Ruto

TweetShare488SharePin488 Shares Deputy president William Ruto is the most talked about politician in Kenya. Musalia and Kalonzo have been deputy presidents before. Their experience as deputy presidents make them fear to join Deputy president William Ruto.They are aware if you fight the president,your political career is doomed and dusted. Its obvious and in the public domain that Uhuru and Ruto are not reading from the same page.It would therefore mean fighting Uhuru, if they were to join Ruto camp by any chance. It’s difficult to see a deputy president take…

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More Problem to Ruto as Gov’t Moves to Demolish His 5-Star Hotel and Repossess the Land.

William Ruto Net Worth

TweetShare164SharePin1165 Shares Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has moved to court yet again and this time around they want deputy president William Ruto’s Weston Hotel demolished and its land repossessed. The authority has rejected the earlier ruling by the court that Weston hotel compensates it in terms of payment at the current market value of that land. In their fresh suit, they do not want money but want their land back meaning Dp Ruto will have to demolish his hotel if the court rules in favor of KCAA. This is…

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How President Uhuru Stopped Dp Ruto From Being Investigated.

President Uhuru

TweetShare834SharePin834 Shares Uhuru Kenyatta has on several occasions blocked multi-state agencies involved in fighting economic corruption and other crimes from summoning or even arresting William Ruto to shed more light on various matters after his deputy’s name featured during various investigations of prime suspects. Whereas Ruto supporters openly claim Uhuru has abandoned his deputy and betrayed him, to the contrary, the head of state has gone full-fledged to protect his embattled DP both locally and internationally. Talk is rife, Uhuru is currently engaged in secret mission to have Western capitals…

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5 Reasons Why Dr. William Ruto Might Be Our 5th President

Ruto Multimillion Properties And Enterprises

TweetShare385SharePin385 Shares The DP William Ruto always tells us that he is aware of the game and that it’s rather obvious there are dirty schemes aimed at destroying his office together with his presidential ambitions simply because his competitors feel superior to him out of his background, his persona, and that target to stop him from ascending to power. All these have been manifested through frustrating events and narratives by “pro-BBI” politicians and some state officers against the Deputy President William Ruto support the aforementioned. Despite all the recent mudslinging…

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Uhuru Brutal Team That Is Set To See Ruto Resign from the Government.

Revenue Allocation Formula

TweetShare341SharePin341 Shares A secret plot to appoint Gideon Moi as deputy president after he will have staged a spirited onslaught and piled pressure on William Ruto to step down is cooking in the pot. The happenings surrounding the DP, among them, the luring of his key supporters into the government axis of the Jubilee government supporting Uhuru Kenyatta’s wing of Kieleweke from the DP’s Tanga Tanga brigade, are part of a wider scheme and long time strategy to cut Ruto to size, and eventually, boot him from the corridors of…

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“Park and Go, You won’t divide MT. Kenya anymore” – Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga tells Ruto.

Maina Njenga

TweetShare460SharePin1461 Shares Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has hit out at DP William Ruto’s presidential ambitions warning that he won’t allow him to divide central Kenya. Speaking in a local dialect, Njenga cautioned the DP saying he will not allow ‘people from Rift Valley’ to come and divide central Kenya for their own political benefits. “There is no way people should move from Rift Valley to come to divide central. Why is it only central that is being divided?” Maina posed in Kikuyu. Njenga was reacting to allegations by some…

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