Top 5 Red Flags When Dating Someone

Red Flags

There are a lot of things we choose to overlook when we love someone. Sometimes, we are truly blinded by this love that everything they do seems perfect, nobody is perfect, and that is true! And we are striving for perfection.

There are people who are willing to learn to become better people but you shouldn’t ignore your gut feeling when it tells you something is wrong. Not paying attention to red flags because you want to see the good in people will cost you later. Here are 5 top red flags you should know when dating someone.

1.  When they never apologize 

If your partner always finds it hard to apologize or never apologizes for his or her wrongdoings then you should be worried. He or she probably can never see their mistakes. They always want to be right and not see the reason to look at things from another perspective.

Red Flags

2.  If they always spend their time on social media being thirsty

This does not mean all those who spend their time on social media are always thirst to trap others. Some may use it for work purposes. But if your partner is always on there seeking attention from other people then you should check it.

Red Flags

3.  They are not good listeners

You need someone who is always ready to listen and give constructive advice. If they are too busy to listen to you or keep interrupting you whenever you are talking, then that is another big red flag.

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4.  Invalidating your feeling and always playing the victim 

If they keep downplaying how you feel all the time and always make everything about them and making you look like a bad person, you have to leave if they are not willing to change. A relationship is a two-way street and not just one person is supposed to receive all the attention and love while the other is being starved.

Red Flags

5.  A person who lies and is inconsistent with his or her words 

This is something you should really pay attention to. If your partner likes telling lies, then they are not trustworthy. They can get you into trouble or convince you to live in their world of lies.

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