Tony Gachoka’s Family And My Family Were Both In The Wines And Spirits Business, Tony Drunk It All – David Murathe

Tony Gachoka

Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe has accused KTN PointBlank Show host Tony Gachoka of running down the family business.

“The less said about Tony the better, everybody knows the history of Tony Gachoka. Tony Gachoka’s family and my family were both in the wines and spirits business, Tony Gachoka ran down the family business… when the young William and their siblings were studying in Europe in London. It is this same William who is trying to bring back together with the family estate,” Murathe said.

David Murathe now says that Ruto is vying for Presidency in 2022 without the endorsement of his party, Jubilee.

“President Kenyatta will not endorse a successor in 2022 poll. Ruto is ‘racing without a relay baton’, I don’t think he is the right person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta. In 2022 there will be new political formations and I’m hoping we will be on the same side with the Rt Hon. Former Prime Minister as Jubilee. I know the ‘Tuko sote pamoja’ wing may have other ideas & that’s why we are saying the sooner they ship out the better. We do not know who will be president but we are working very hard to know who will not become president. I’m calling on Kenyans to consider the Right Honorable Former Prime Minister as the transitional leader come 2022,”

Murathe said.

David Murathe was also quick to deny being a member of the Deep State.

“You cannot have a parallel system outside the formal system of government. You cannot have non-elected people who are outside government influencing government policies”

David Murathe said.

Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe is now telling the Deputy President to ship out of Jubilee if he does not like the party positions being taken by its leaders who include President Uhuru, himself the Vice Chairman, and Raphael Tuju the Secretary-General of the party.

“When the Party Leader expresses himself on an issue that is the party position and if he (DP Ruto) doesn’t like it he should ship out…” David Murathe said.

''Tony Gachoka’s Family And My Family Were Both In The Wines And Spirits Business, Tony Drunk It All"' David Murathe

Murathe was being interviewed by Waihiga Mwaura of Citizen TV where he said that Ruto is connected to the Kilig Limited company that was given the tender to supply equipments to KEMSA.

“We have the legal transfers, go to Kenya Commercial Bank and find out who the account holders of KILIG Limited are; you will find that they are known partners of DP William Ruto…” David Murathe said.

Murathe was also quick to distance himself with Wilbroad Gachoka the brother to KTN PointBlank Show host Tony Gachoka, who was heavily mentioned in the KEMSA Scandal as one of the main beneficiaries of the proceeds of graft.

“I partner with Willbroad Gachoka in a lot of issues but I have not partnered with him on this one” Murathe said.

Murathe also reiterated that he does not hold any grudge against the Deputy President William Ruto, saying that their feud is purely business in nature.

“The Deputy President knows that the feud between him and I when it comes to business started when he brokered for a company that quoted Ksh.3B more than the lowest evaluated bidder for a project in Ukambani…”said Murathe.

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