Ministry of Education Issues Re-opening Guidelines for Primary and Secondary Schools on Food Program.

Ministry of Education

TweetShare113SharePin4117 Shares Ministry of Education through the teachers in charge to ensure safe food handling and preparation which includes:- (i) Enforcing frequent hand-washing for all cooks; (ii) Ensuring that any cookware, plates, cups and cutlery are washed and sanitized regularly, (iii) Planning for food distribution that minimizes handling; (iv) Staggering meal times for learners to reduce crowding; (v) Allowing time for cleaning and disinfecting between shifts. Ministry of Education Guidelines for Food Handlers in Basic Learning Institutions: (i) All the food handlers should have the requisite food handling certificates and…

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“You Are Making Me Look Like A Fool,” Cs Magoha Accuses Media.

Cs Magoha

TweetShare485SharePin485 Shares The cabinet secretary Prof. Magoha has today accused the media for misquoting him on the school reopening date issue hence “ making me look like a fool before the eyes of Kenyans” he said. Magoha said this while he toured Pwani university today to assess the institution’s preparedness on COVID-19. Magoha further stated that all institutions of basic and higher learning in Kenya will reopen in January 2021 and not any time earlier as earlier quoted. “i will not, and shall not say anything in regard to reopening of…

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Why BOM Teachers Should Just Forget Their Promised Money.

BOM Teachers

TweetShare76SharePin278 Shares BOM teachers are just one of the groups of Kenyans who are really suffering. The coronavirus pandemic has reduced them into nothing with many of them forced to even engage themselves in unlawful activities in order to cope up with their daily basic needs. Things have not been good since the schools closed and they don’t look to be good anytime soon although there was a moment they lived in a dream. That was when the government announced that it has released money for their payments. CAS Zack…

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CS Magoha’s Press Statement on Sunday Clarifying on TSC Teachers Missing Salaries.

TSC Teachers Missing Salaries.

TweetShare244SharePin244 Shares The Kenyan Ministry of Education has on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 released an important press statement regarding the rumors about TSC Teachers Missing Salaries. if they miss the in the Community Based Learning Programme. “The teachers participation in the community-based learning program is not tied to the payment of their monthly salaries. The Ministry therefore wishes to clarify Media reports to the effect that teachers who are yet to enroll for the program will be denied their monthly salaries,”part of the statement reads. In the press statement, the…

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CS Magoha Makes New Announcement on Reopening Dates For All Schools, Angry Kenyans Reacts.

Bad News To Students and Parents Concerning 2021 School Reopening

TweetShare93SharePin93 Shares CS Magoha: It’s about five months since the Government decided to close all learning institutions after the virus Knocked in Kenya on March 13th. President Kenyatta made major announcement giving Students few days to reunite with their Parents In order to adapt to the New World, the Government rolled up e-learning, Televised Lessons for Students in primary and secondary schools. On the other hand, some Universities embraced Technology by launching online classes and subsequently Online Exams. It has been a milestone However ,those deep in the village could…

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