Men, No Matter How Much You Love A Woman Don’t Ever Tell Her These 6 Things.

ou Love A Woman

TweetShare1SharePin12 Shares This image meant for illustration purposes only Let’s say you just met a girl, she is beautiful, has a nice shape, well shape doesn’t matter. You fall in love, the next thing you ask her to date you, and she agreed, or probably you decide to marry her. You would feel so happy, so head over hills in love and you feel like you can tell her anything. Let me stop you there, don’t let love blind your eyes, there are things you should never tell a woman…

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Kenyans React After Couple Announced They Want To Give Way Their Children.


TweetShare99SharePin99 Shares Just recently a couple in nyeri county announced tat they were willing to give u thei children given the tough financial times. Reports on 23rd June now show that they may not do so because once again, Kenyans watched their story and showed up.  Samuel Ndungu and his wife Mary Nyambura Mwihaki, last week shared their situation with the entire nation. Through a local TV station, the couple explained that they were willing to give their children to anyone who would raise them as their financial situation could not…

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