3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Your Mobile Phone Late At Night.

Stop Using Your Mobile Phone Late At Night.

Using your mobile phone at night is pretty interesting, right? As we all know there is nothing that has advantages that don’t have disadvantages. These are 3 reasons why you should stop using your mobile phone late at night.

People use the phone at night for various reasons; might be for fun or for business and mind you this is not only meant for those who use the phone at night but another gadget that emits screen light too; be it your desktop or television. Let’s get into it.

1. It can damage the eyes

Mobile phones and other led screen gadget emit blue light which is part of the full light spectrum. Although we are exposed to that kind of light by the sun during the night where the light will be concentrated into our eyes.

Studies even have it that there might be a link between these blue light exposure and cataracts. This risk can of course be avoided if you reduce your screen time. There are apps that can help like Night Shift on IOS and Twilight on Android

2. It can disturb your sleep

Still on the blue light. Blue light also disturbs the body from producing melatonin – a hormone that tells the brain when it’s time to sleep. So while using your phone at night, you might not feel sleepy, and even if you do it’ll be for a little time.

By doing this, you are actually posing a threat to your health. Like I said earlier, you can minimize the time you use your mobile phone or avoid it late at night.

3. Can increase your chances of getting cancer

Yes, you saw that right. Using led screen gadgets late at night will stay decreasing the melatonin in your body which is also a natural fighter of cancer. So, if your melatonin is being suppressed, the higher your risk of getting cancer

That’s it, guys. But a quick reminder, don’t forget to keep your phone away from your body and your head when you want to sleep. Thank you. Share for the benefit of others.

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