Sign Petition: Babu Owino to be Charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER According to section 220(a) Kenyan Penal Code


Dj Evolve / Felix Oringa was shot in the neck twice by Babu Owino, an MP of Embakassi East. So far, his hospital bill stands at KES 10 million and he has recovery costs (physiotherapy, nurses/caregivers/ loss of wages, etc.) are incurring. This petition is a plea to the justice system in Kenya to serve its people WITHOUT PREJUDICE, CORRUPTION, or CLASSISM. 


– Babu Owino should be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER according to section 220(a) of the Kenyan Penal Code to the full extent of the law.

– Babu Owino should incur ANY AND ALL costs until Dj Evolve/ Felix O. Is FULLY RECOVERED.

-Babu Owino should be imprisoned for use of a firearm while intoxicated under Section 33 of the Fire Arms Act.

– A full public inquiry/investigation to Babu Owino as a public servant in Kenya in accordance with Section 11 (d) of the EACC Act.

– Babu Owino should NOT be allowed any public service seat in Kenya under Article 99 (2) (h) and Article 103 (g) of the Constitution. 

– Withdrawal of Babu Owino’s firearm license in accordance with Section 19 (a) of the Firearms Act.

By signing this petition, you are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for injustice in Kenya. These are the first steps to eradicate corrupt and unjust leaders. One at a time. Please share widely!!!!!

Additionally, if you know or are in contact with Dj Evolve / Felix O.’s family, please ask them to share an Mpesa number where people can donate to. Thank you.

As a result, DO NOT donate to, rather wait for a Go Fund Me or Mpesa account number from Dj Evolves family. This is because none of the money collects go to the family, it goes to promote this petition. At this time, we are relying on awareness/ promotion of this petition from social media reposts and shares. 

 Contact: [email protected] || Legal terms edit: [email protected]

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