Settle My Dues With The Funds You’ll Receive From FIFA, Former Coach Williamson Tells Nick Mwendwa

Former Harambee Stars Scottish coach Bobby Williamson wants Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to clear his Sh55 million debt with funds FIFA will be releasing anytime soon.

Williamson, 58, who coached Harambee Stars between 2014 and 2016, was fired and replaced by Stanley Okumbi, leaving behind the huge debt which he says is yet to be cleared even after winning a case at the Employment and Labour Court in Nairobi, where he was awarded Sh55m for unfair dismissal by the FKF.

“I have not heard from the federation since I left and even after I won my payment dispute case against them,” he said.

This is the first time in four years that Scott is resurfacing to the football scene, having suffered a blow in May 2016 when he was diagnosed with cancer which forced him to fly to India for a three-month chemoradiation treatment.

I need the FKF to pay me so I can pay back people I’m indebted to. I haven’t worked since I was replaced and medication in Kenya is very expensive,” said Williamson.

Fifa has promised to disburse part of its operational funding to member associations as a relief plan to assist the football community to cope with the financial implications of the coronavirus pandemic.

A statement by Fifa last Friday confirmed all the 211-member associations will get their share of the fund in order to assist them in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Williamson has ruled out the possibility of seeking the intervention of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland as did Adel Amrouche.

“I live in Kenya with my family. I have faith in the local courts and that is where I expect to get justice,” he said.

Williamson also revealed that he’s battling diabetes.

The development follows hot on the heels of a similar outcry by former Harambee Stars tactician Adel Amrouche who dominated the headlines for the better part of April while demanding Sh109 million from FKF in salary arrears.

Amrouche last month appealed to FIFA to reject a letter written by Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa.

In the letter, Mwendwa was requesting to be given more time to settle the Sh109 million debt that the federation owed the coach.

Amrouche accused Mwendwa of subjecting him to endless torture and treating him with contempt and also disregarding his pleas when he tried so hard to approach him earlier to have the matter addressed out of court.

“I have suffered. I went for two years without a job after the federation boss fired me without talking to me. I came to Nairobi on three occasions to meet Mwendwa and try to get a solution. He ignored me,” said Amrouche.

Mwendwa had stated that the federation is not in a position to pay Amrouche, adding that they had even appealed to the government to intervene. However, Amrouche thinks the FKF boss is being dishonest and has intentionally refused to clear his debt.

“When we were at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Mwendwa came with three lawyers. He was ready to pay lawyers from Europe millions of shillings but not me. I took him aside at the court and asked him to reach an agreement out of court and he refused,” said Amrouche.

In his defense, Mwendwa has always been quick to point out that his administration is not directly to blame for the situation Amrouche has found himself in, and insists that they only inherited the debt from the defunct Kenya Football Federation (KFF) which was being headed by Sam Nyamweya.

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Written by Senior Editor