Robert Alai’s Controversial And Insensitive Remarks About Kevin Omwenga As He Was Laid To Rest.

Robert Alai's Controversial

Controversial blogger, Robert Alai, is a fearless content creator who shoots direct from the hip. He has been accused before for being a gun for hire but over time, he has proved again and again as a credible source of information.

The political class hates him because he doesn’t mince his words and he never fears to expose all the evils that are committed in the society. Robert Alai is a guy to go to if you want any wrong to be corrected especially by the government or any injustices in the workplace.

Kenyans love him for all the ills he exposes in the society but sometimes his rawness rubs some people the wrong way. Today, in particular, he twitted through his official twitter account about the slain businessman Kevin Omwenga who was laid today at his ancestral home in Kisii.

The flamboyant businessman was rich and lived a luxurious life in Nairobi but apparently, he didn’t have a house in his rural village. Robert Alai who was not remorseful in his remarks, mercilessly slammed Kevin for wasting his life and wealth in Nairobi, forgetting the honorable thing of building a decent house that befits a man of his status. 

Most Kenyans joked about it but others felt like, Robert Alai was not sensitive and his remark added misery to his family who is still morning their son and brother.

Here is what Robert Alai twitted;

Robert Alai

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