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Rev Natasha Honors Police Officer Dedication In Their Duties

Popular city preacher Rev Natasha, senior overseer Empowerment Christian Church in Nairobi town has congratulated men in uniform for their dedication and commitment to Kingdom duties.

He spoke this after an engagement with the police officers at her offices. In a special message shared on the social media platforms, Rev Natasha encouraged them to continue serving diligently in their noble calling.

Thankful for the wonderful work that Security officers are doing and had wonderful moments of fellowship in the office after our service with police officers. Receive God’s assistance to obtain that turnaround that you have been expecting.’ Rev Natasha captions.

Rev Natasha Honors Police

Police officers play a critical role in ensuring security is guaranteed. They stand between us and the thieves, terrorists, kidnappers and anyone looking to harm us every day.

I wish all people could understand what risks our officers go through to keep us safe. Surely these people are my heroes and deserve a daily bravery award.

Rev Natasha Honors Police

Rev Natasha has always kept the brave individuals in her heart. During the coronavirus crisis, she donated foodstuff and other basic commodities to ensure their families were not affected hard by the unseen enemy.

The phenomenal preacher has always hailed the noble work security officers play during her functions.

We all know that priests and pastors are very important people in our societies today and with such knowledge we are therefore expected to treat them with respect and dignity.

Rev Natasha Honors Police

A congregational gathering is a vulnerable place. We’ve seen evidence of that truth within the past few years. The nature of our work says that the church is open to anyone. It’s easy to get into an unprotected church building with an unprepared congregation. Church parking lots are especially vulnerable to theft. 

Left unwatched and unprotected, an empty car during a worship service is an invitation to theft—especially if expensive items are left on the seat.

Should something tragic happen, a Safety and Security Team can guide through the chaos. Nothing is guaranteed if a tragedy happens, but the police officers always help the church respond immediately and wisely.

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