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How Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer Power.

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

Rev Natasha talks about the the battle she has won through the power of prayers.

A strong woman is a busy, vibrant, and goal-orientated woman who doesn’t wait for anyone to validate her existence.

Rev Lucy Natasha is a renowned businesswoman and a celebrity who got influence not only in the country but also across the globe.

Rev Natasha has been at the forefront during times of crisis and when the public requires urgent help. This has not only built her profile but also introduced many critics who are interested in delivering negative notions.

How Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through  Prayer Power.
Rev Natasha

We will never be happy until we make God the source of our fulfillment and the answer to our longings. He is the only one who should have power over our souls.

Surely, It’s in those private times that we are refreshed, strengthened, and rejuvenated. It’s then we can see our lives from God’s perspective and discover what is really important. That’s where we understand who it is we belong to and believe in.

Rev Lucy Natasha has always remained silent but in prayer whenever such attacks and propagation begin to manifest. Her unique character has encouraged many on how to endure suffering during tough moments.

Maybe if the woman of God would not motivate those following her on the power of prayer, no woman would ever wish to be successful.

How Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through  Prayer Power.
Rev Natasha

Just as many other celebrities , Rev Natasha is also trolled online but she has to encourage the upcoming strong women that

New levels come with new devils.  I’ve heard some people say as a pastor why are you so active on social media, but that is where our generation is and we need to understand that times and seasons have changed, and it’s true on one hand social media is so good, let me start with the positive side of social media, then I go to how we handle these keyboard warriors, people that are haters, first and foremost I appreciate everybody. The first advantage is we are able to preach the gospel more, we are able to win more souls, right now you will find that we are able to reach more people globally.‘ Rev Natasha captions

How Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through  Prayer Power.
Rev Natasha

Rev Natasha says that when we pray, the Holy Spirit sanctifies, shapes, molds in ways that God can’t if we’re not praying.

She argues that If you think of a carpenter who has to get his hands on wood in order to sand it or shape it, to paint it, to varnish it then thinks of prayer as to how God gets his hands on you.

The phenomenal woman is of the opinion that when believers pray, they communicate to God.

And it’s in that act of talking to God that the Holy Spirit is able to mold us and shape and make the believers win such tough battles more like Jesus.

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