The Statement Issued By Raphael Tuju Has No Legal Basis And Was Pure Politics Of Ego.

Raphael Tuju

Last week, Jubilee party Secretary General Raphael Tuju disclosed plans to remove the deputy president William Ruto from his deputy party leader position.

A new revelation by The Star on Monday has revealed that Raphael Tuju’s plan was just talk of the mouth and lacks no legal basis hence sending Tuju to a tight corner.

According to lawyer Jason Ondabu, Raphael Tuju is occupying that office [secretary general] and even the Cabinet slot courtesy of the President and the Deputy President and hence great insubordination on the deputy president.

“It is unfortunate that the country has found itself in this leadership quagmire, where all and sundry have taken the advantage of Uhuru’s lackluster to abuse the Deputy President.”@Jason while disclosing it to the Star.

Raphael Tuju

The lawyer noted that the accusations leveled against the deputy president by Raphael Tuju fall below the acceptable threshold that warrants William Ruto in his capacity as the second in command to be embarrassed in a press conference.

He notes that the party’s vice chairperson David Murathe has been on record saying they will support Raila Odinga’s presidential candidature in 2022 which is a more serious offence.

Whereas Murathe wants to advance the political ambition of a candidate from a different party, the deputy president seeks the support of the same party he co-founded with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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