Why Raila Presidency Might Be Just Nothing But Hot Air.

Raila Presidency

Raila Odinga the enigma of the Kenyan politics, the father of the nation, Baba Rose, the hare apparent the throne of Tinga might go in the book of records as the leader who never led, a President who never tasted power, and a man of the people who never appreciated people’s trust in him.

What if everything around the former premier remains as it is. Truth be told Raila political tactics and strategies have been outlived with time and technology.

The error of political struggle, demonstration, referendum, and political neurotransmitter to be used as campaign tools is long gone. What our people want is how they will acquire the next meal, something lacking in Raila Presidency political matrix.

Baba is surrounded by parasites, politically tired minds who are only serving their selfish interests, leaders, and individuals who only think about them, their and their own. People out to make sure Raila Presidency is viewed as the king of poverty, dictatorship, and non-development oriented, a bunch of tumbocrats out to deceive Tinga to get their seats back as they do zero to electorates.

Raila is surrounded by cartels who would rather watch him loose in his quest to be Kenyan chief but run around with his name seeking for sympathy votes due to their incompetence to deliver to the electorates.

If Raila is to be president he should move from the past and live in the future, kick out past around him, kick out old technology around him, kick out old leaders around him and kick out old strategies around him.

The baggage of elected leaders offering free bodyguards around him to please him is not only unnecessary but a piece of baggage to his political ambitions and a recipe for Luo poverty.

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