Proof that Edgar Obare “Serves Tea Followed with a Receipts”, Celebrities are Scared Him.

Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare is known for “serving tea” to Kenyans. He is a well-known blogger. Just recently Edgar Obare was arrested because of leaking important documents that belonged to vlogger Natalie Tewa.

This was following the allegations that Natalie was in Dubai with governor Hassan Joho. A Person with a hidden identity leaked Natalie’s passport details to Edgar Obare to prove this. Edgar exposed this confidential information and landed him in hot soup.

Edgar Obare

He has was in jail for more than two days but he was later released on bail. It’s barely two weeks after he was released and he is back serving us with “hot tea” just as before. He must be loving his job.

Through his Instagram stories he published Timmy Tdat’s viral video saga.This created a topic of discussion on vixen’s behavior with male celebs.A large number of his fans were blaming video vixens for not respecting themselves and “throwing” themselves to male celebrities.Another fan commented that celebrities approach women with so much entitlement.

The unidentified individual elaborated this with an example of Willy Paul approaching different ladies Dm’s (he demands). Then the same celebrities start demeaning women.

Edgar Obare

Another lady opened up about being a vixen to nameless, she described him as very respectful. But she recounted a day when she was forced to go in bed with Rick Ross. She said that she sneaked with even saying a word. The next day she met Rick, he was going back to the US. She had much fear after what happened. She said Rick called her closer and whispered:

“Sorry I made you feel uncomfortable yesterday night”.She revealed that he even gave her a peck on her cheek. She emphasized much on self-respect as a vixen. She said that Nameless has so much respect for his wife. He is so professional and he even tipped her at one point after shooting the song “Ongeza Volume.”

This vixen’s story became a point of interest to the teamster. He went ahead to Dm Rick Ross over this to get his side of the story and later posted a screenshot of it.

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Edgar Obare

“Hi, my name is Edgar Obare a blogger from Kenya. I wanted to get a comment from you about your tour time in Kenya if you were stood up by one of the video vixens! Se said you were very understanding and even apologized.” He wrote to Rick Rose.

Note that Rick is an International artist. Some of his fans had different reactions to this. I believe this is proof enough, he does not serve us “tea” without receipts. We are eagerly waiting for Rick’s response to this.

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