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Presidential Escort Unit Salary And Allowances In Kenya

Presidential Escort Unit Salary And Allowances In Kenya

The Presidential Escort Unit in Kenya besides taking charge of the president’s security, they are also responsible for choosing appropriate routes to be used by the Head of State.

Presidential Escort Unit Team

The team includes elite members of deadly Recce Squad and also members of GSU unit.

Roles Of Presidential Escort Unit In Kenya

The Unit is established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2014.

  • To provide security and protection to His Excellency the President.
  • To provide security to the First Family.
  • Provide security to the retired Presidents.
  • Provide security to His Excellency the Deputy President.
  • Provide security to visiting Heads of State and Governments.
  • Provide Security to any other V.I.P. as may be directed by the Inspector-General

Presidential Escort Unit Salary In Kenya

Presidential Escort Unit Salary is a normal Kenya police monthly salary. However, what makes the job lucrative is the handsome allowances which total over 100k per month. However the more experience to get working there, the more salary

The basic salary without allowances for Kenya police constable was sh. 32,880, a compensation that was considerably higher than a fresh graduate in Kenya.

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