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Tanzania President Magufuli, Gets Support from Americans After He Raised Concern Over China Donated COVID- 19 Testing Kits.

Tanzanian Opposition Leaders

President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania has been lauded after he poked holes on COVID-19 testing kits.

On Sunday, Magufuli made international headlines after he alleged that pawpaws and even animals’ samples were testing positive for COVID-19.

Daughter to American boxer, Mohammed Ali, Laila Ali, who is also a boxer and media personality, has lauded Magufuli for showing a sign of sense and not just trusting anything received from donations.

Taking it so Instagram this Wednesday, Laila asked others to emulate Magufuli and do their research and avoid trusting anything they receive.

“I’m not surprised by this story. I’m glad the President of Tanzania had the good sense not to simply fall in line. Sad that there is so much we can’t trust! Please do your research and think for yourself and your family as the ‘plans’ unfold.” she said

Dr. Magufuli alleged that he collected samples from fruits, animals, and even engine oil, branded the samples with human names, and gave them unique ages. He then sent the sample to the national laboratory where COVID-19 testing was taking place.

Surprisingly when the results were released hours later, some samples had tested positive for COVID-19. This raised concerns with how accurate were the testing kits. Magufuli later fired the national laboratory director.

“The Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu has taken the following action.

“Has directed the Health Secretary-General, to fire the Director of the National Laboratory, Dr. Nyambura Moremi and Quality Assurance Manager, Mr. Jacob Lusekelo with an immediate effect,” read the dismissal letter in part.

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