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Radio Maisha Presenter Mbaruk Mwalimu ‘s Beautiful Wife

Presenter Mbaruk Mwalimu 's Beautiful Wife

Mbaruk Mwalimu is a Kenyan radio presenter, who normally works in the drive show with Billy Miya who is his co-host in Radio Maisha, a station owned by the Standard Group.

Radio Maisha is one of the leading Radio stations here in Kenya. Among the popular shows on the radio is the drive show that has got a big number of listeners all over the country.

Which is hosted by Billy and Mbaruk. Mbaruk who is well known to be outspoken recently wedded the long-time lover that he has managed to keep away from the public eye for a long time until his wedding day that he finally shared her picture on his social media handles.

The two wedded in Diani last month on Valentine’s day. His wife is also a presenter, something that most of his fans don’t know actually.

Presenter Mbaruk Mwalimu 's Beautiful Wife

She is a news presenter in the 1pm news on Switch TV. What the two shares in common are the fact that they both come from the coastal region and are both from the Digo community and are both Muslims.

Based on the pictures that his wife has shared on her timeline, they are nothing but amazing since she is a true beauty without makeup.

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