This Kenyan Pastor Forced to Attend ‘Mjengo’ in Order To Feed His Family.


COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant decrease in the economy as a result of disruptions in the supply chains and various income-generating activities in Kenya. Various organizations, Churches, and companies have also stopped working and this has forced various employees to cease working.

The government has also banned all places of worship since they are forms of social gathering and can influence the spread of COVID-19 among members of society. Making many Pastors life miserable, especially those who were dependable to church funding.

The banning of churches seems to has made life difficult for one of the pastors in Nakuru county who was forced to look for another way to put a meal on the table. Speaking to a vernacular radio station in the country on Saturday afternoon, a man who identified himself as Joseph Gachunji who serves as a pastor in Light of Christ Church (LOCC) in Mirera village Naivasha Constituency, Nakuru county claimed that COVID-19 has made his life miserable as he was earlier used to feed his family using offerings and tithes from members of his church.


Gachunji further added that he is now being forced to go to a construction site which is famously known as ‘Mjengo’ so that he can feed his family of five. This is sad to see how various religious leaders in the community are suffering as a result of these global pandemic and perhaps it is time for the government to consider them.

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