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The Billionaire Owners Of K-Gas Company

Billionaire Owners Of K-Gas Company

K-Gas Company is one of the best gas brands in the country and it has several customers. The Company that owns the k- gas was founded in the year 1959 and has now operated for close to 61 years in the country.

The K-Gas Company is owned by Kenol Kobil Limited and it is operating in several countries in the world. In Africa, it’s operational in seven countries in the East, Central, and South Africa and it deals in petroleum products.

The company was founded by RS Alexander and some of the people at the helm of its leadership include – James Mathenge who is the Chairman of the Board and David Ohana who is the Group Managing Director.

Kenol Kobil was the first petroleum company in Kenya to be listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange Market 

The K-Gas Company shares are as follows 

  • Rubis Energy owns 23.72% of the shares, 
  • Petro Holdings Limited has shares of 8.23%,
  • KenolKobil ESOP has 5.84% shares
  • Shares amounting to 62.3% are owned by other investors.

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