Tables Turned! Odinga Allies Now Told to Lead NO Campaigns if Uncomfortable With Ruto Supporting BBI.

Odinga Allies

Former senate majority leader Hon Kipchumba Murkomen has hitted out at former prime minister Raila Odinga Allies.

Murkomen was hitting at Odinga’s camp after they strongly protested the move by the second in command to endorse the Building Bridges Initiative BBI drive.

Odinga Allies seemingly desperate for a contested referendum have ganged up against DP Ruto accusing the second in command of playing hypocrisy by supporting a drive he has fought since.

Murkomen has now rubbished Odinga’s camp uproar questioning why were they bothered by DP Ruto’s move to support the drive.

Odinga Allies
Murkomen Speaking To Odinga Allies

He accused them of trying to force the second in command to lead NO campaigns against the BBI drive.

He said if Odinga’s camp feels someone should oppose the drive then should take up the responsibility of proposing Junet Mohammed to lead the NO camp.

“Why are ODM honchos (Odinga Allies) so infuriated by DP Ruto’s admiration of some of the BBI Constitution Amendment clauses? Do they want him to lead NO by force? If someone must lead NO why can’t it be @JunetMohamed ama he if fearing to share the proceeds of the secretariat with Moses Kuria?” Murkomen tweeted.

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