Next On Ringo: Turco Is Back, Diego Tricks Brenda and Signs a Document to Transfer Her Company Shares.

Brenda Oso

The doctor tells Guevara that he can go home. He will have to wear bandages for about a week and he has to take it easy. After he thanks Susana, she goes out of the room. While we had no idea where Turco was Carrizo has obviously been fully apprised.

They are face to face as he complains that Gloria is back. Is Turco alarmed? Not in the slightest! The fool is ecstatic! Gloria loves him!!! He needs to go talk to the guru.Susana thanks Guachin once more for all that he has done.

When he asks where Guevara will stay, Susana tells him that Oso asked him to stay with him. Ringo calls Gloria who tells him that she and Santi will not be returning to his home. When Ringo asks if she took him again, Gloria tells him that Santi does not want to be with him. Ringo asks to talk to Santi. Santi tells him that he wants to stay with his mother…

Ringo can go with Julia. Ringod chides her for using Santi to get what she wants. She retorts that she wanted them to be a family but he decided to go off with another woman…he should suffer the consequences. When she hangs up on him, Ringo goes off to talk to Manuel. They bump into Oso and tell him about Santi…and how Santi won’t come live with him unless he goes back to Gloria.

Diego Turco

Diego barges into Julia’s office with Bruno. Are you crazy she asks? He tells her that she forced him into this. They will have to remain together or she will lose the company. As of today, he is the general director of the company. When she argues that this is a family company, Diego tells her that Brenda signed over control of her shares to him…her sister does not trust her; Julia no longer has authority.

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Diego calls Brenda who is in a bad mood and could use some good news. When he tells her that she can now use her credit cards, Brenda is elated. Diego then warns her that Julia will probably try to get her to revoke her consent so she shouldn’t allow her to talk her into it. Brenda assures him that she won’t and laughs that Julia’s happiness didn’t last long. Beyotch.

Ringo and Teresa are with Manuel. After Ringo explains what happened, Manuel assures him that Santi will come around…he is very sensible and loves Ringo more than anything in the world. After Ringo points out that Gloria is manipulating him, Manuel reminds him that Gloria still has custody so Ringo should try to get back custody now.

Manuel warns him not to fall for Gloria’s little provocations. Julia calls Manuel to tell him about Brenda signing over control to Diego. She explains that Brenda was not happy that her father left her in control of the company; she is sure that Diego talked her into it by offering her money.

Manuel suggests that she talk to Brenda so that she can revoke her consent. Turco goes to talk to the guru about his wife getting back with him…this changes all his plans; he has never stopped loving her and is thinking of getting back with her. The guru suggests that he take time to think about it. Gloria goes to see about a job.


When she worries about the salary is too low so the man tells her that if she is willing to travel to the states and Canada, the salary will be much higher. They want to sell their dolls out of the country…and she can start tomorrow. Gloria agrees and assures the man that she is a very good salesperson.

Julia confronts a shopping bag laden Brenda. Diego is mentirosa Julia pleads – he is manipulating you! Julia chides her for signing over control to Diego. Brenda reminds her that she had no money and once Diego got control she had access to money within hours. Brenda tells her to go back to her medical office.

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When Julia points out that Diego is going to leave them in shambles and that Diego is not the person Brenda thinks he is, Brenda scoffs that this conversation is boring her…she is not going to revoke her consent! Julia follows Brenda to her bedroom and tells her that Diego is only using her, but Brenda thinks that she is using him since he is working for her…but she is paying him.

Julia explains that Diego is paying himself; he has already stolen plenty of money from the company. Now with the control, Brenda gave him, he will continue doing it. Brenda laughs at the idea that Diego is a thief. Julia tells her that she was wrong about Diego as was their father.

Diego is a hypocrite and a thief…and they thinks that he was the mastermind behind their father’s murder. Brenda still doesn’t believe Julia and suggests that she go see a psychoanalyst.Manuel tells Alejo about Ringo’s dilemma. Alejo can’t believe that Gloria is now wanting to get back with Ringo so Manuel points out that Ringo now has a good future ahead of him.

Manuel then tells Alejo that Ringo will be fighting for custody…and this time they will win. Alejo tells Manuel that he will handle the case. He no longer has issues with Ringo; he was swayed by Brenda but now sees how wrong he was. Manuel smiles broadly and envelopes his “son” in a huge bear hug. Guachin tells Rosa that she needs to be strong; she is not one to give up.

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Rosa cries that she has lost her strength and pleads with him to leave her alone. As he leaves, Luchis asks what he was doing with Rosa…again. She hasn’t forgotten that she went on their honeymoon alone. When Guachin tells her that he is not going to keep away from Rosa and that Luchis shouldn’t be jealous, Luchis retorts that she is tired of hearing about Rosa…she wants them to look for a house so that they can get away from there.

Guachin thinks she is being unreasonable but Luchis insists that she does not want to live there. After Luchis leaves, the landlady approaches and comments about Rosa’s streak of bad luck. After she suggests that Rosa needs a “cleansing” she adds that she dedicates her time to doing those.Diego tells Bruno that he will now be chief of security and his salary will increase.

Next On Ringo Alejo, Turco

Bruno is not satisfied and points out that he has done a lot for Diego…and his silence about Ivan’s death is worth gold. Diego responds that he knows that very well.Rosa tells Carrizo about her diagnosis; so he tells her that he has contacted an expert in sports medicine and suggests that she get a second opinion.

He promises that she will box again even if he has to turn her into a bionic woman. Ringo is training but can’t focus. He tells Oso about his visit with Manuel and that they will fight for custody. After Ringo leaves, Alejo arrives and asks for Ringo. He assures Oso that he is not there to ask to fight against Ringo.

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