Message Of Congratulations To The President-Elect Of Malawi H.E Lazarus By Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.


On behalf of Kenya’s party of independence, the Kenya African National Union (KANU), and on my own behalf, I wish to congratulate the President-elect of the Republic of Malawi, H.E. Lazarus Chakwera for his resounding and well-deserved victory in the just concluded Presidential election.

As we celebrate his victory, I wish to express our gratitude to him on behalf of the Moi family for having stood with us when we lost Mzee in early February this year and have attended the funeral at Kabarak. We shall forever remember that very humbling gesture of goodwill at our lowest point.

H.E Chakwera, being the flag-bearer of the Tonse Alliance and the leader of the Malawi Congress Party, campaigned vigorously on the platform of unity in the midst of diversity. He placed a premium on the enhanced provision of social services such as healthcare, water, education, and infrastructure among others, all of which are critical to supporting sustainable livelihood.

I wish to assure the President-elect that KANU is proud to be associated with the victory of Tonse Alliance and the Malawi Congress Party in particular; a party with which we share in common the history, values, and the symbol of the cockerel.

Throughout the protracted campaign period, the people of Malawi have played a significant role in underscoring the vitality of peace amidst a year-long tension that had gripped the country since the first-round of elections in May 2019, and the subsequent nullification of the presidential results by the Constitutional Court.

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However, with today’s victory for H.E. Chakwera, the uncertainty is finally waning. Most importantly, Malawi under his stewardship struts into the future with a new dawn of transformative leadership at hand.

It’s now time to steer the country into the path of sustainable peace while accelerating the much desired socio-economic development, particularly, at a time when the world-nations are grappling with the devastating impacts of Covid-19.

Hence, this is a moment for the people of Malawi to join hands and re-embark on building their nation to create a flourishing economy with opportunities for all to thrive.

Once more, congratulations to H.E. Lazarus Chakwera and the best of wishes as he takes up the mantle to propel Malawi to a new height.

May God bless Malawi and her people as they usher in new leadership.

Thank you.

Hon. Senator Gideon Moi

KANU National Chairman.

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