Mbusii Biography, Age, Radio Career, Fiance & Salary

Mbusii was born in Korogocho and attended Eastleigh Airport Primary and Maina Wanjigi High School. He started off selling soup in the Korogocho area and later started going to the Kenya National Theatre where he landed roles in high school set-book plays, especially children’s roles.

Then television roles started calling when the program Crazy Kenyans aired on TV.

He acted alongside Cheiph and Mshamba. He felt disappointed because Sometimes he would give ideas and then be told they were not good enough but a few days later, he would find his ideas had been replicated by someone else. In December 2005, he quit and went back to Kenya National Theatre.

Career Life

Mbusii later got a job in Ghetto Radio where he commanded a large fan base where he ran one of the biggest reggae shows in the Country.

He then moved from Ghetto radio to Radio Jambo a move he said he took as he was looking for growth and Radio Jambo was offering that through a wider listenership.


He is a family man and has two girls Sandra and Stacy.

Mbusii at Ghetto Radio

Mbusii is currently one of the only presenters who have managed to transcend different demographics and appeal to many diverse age groups and social classes,

But before he was Radio Jambo’s hottest commodity, Mbusii started out as a drug peddler because he had to fend for his pregnant wife and school-going daughter. He also had to pay 1,500 Kshs as house rent which was a lot of money for someone living in Korogocho slums.

Mbusii disclosed that he would lurk around Kenya National Theatre as an aspiring artist and sell his bhang.

But his fate changed when Roba a former Ghetto radio presenter came looking for comedians and someone referred Mbusii to Roba.

How Mbusii meets Roba.

“One of the former presenters known as ‘Roba’ came to the theatre looking for comedians. He was referred to as Githis (my nickname) but like Simon Peter from the Bible, I denied that I was the one; three times.

I thought he was a policeman and perhaps knew what I was up to. It was not until he came with recorders that I finally agreed to talk to him.

He took me to Ghetto Radio and gave me a job as a messenger and traffic updates voice artiste. My salary was Sh3,000!” He revealed to The Nairobian.

But the salary at Ghetto Radio was not enough for him and that’s why bhang peddling still remained a hustle for him.

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“My life was a mess and I was an unhappy man.” He confessed.

But fate had something greater for him in store after Maji Maji joined the station as manager.

He was impressed by Mbusii’s natural flair for radio after he heard him in the traffic updates voice-overs so he asked Mbusii to try out as a host. An incident he describes as a dream come true.

“It was a dream come true. That is how the reggae show ‘Goteana’ was born.” He said.

Mbusii na Lion Teke Teke

Radio Jambo’s drive shows Mbusi na Lion TekeTeke presenters Mbusi na Lion say their first tribe is Sheng.

Their show has been ruling the airwaves ever since it began in 2013. In an interview with the Star, they say Sheng to them is life.

Lion says he found himself speaking in Sheng. Mbusii says to him, that Sheng is his first tribe.

“Sheng has no tribe and it has made us who we are. Luos, Kambas, and all tribes in Kenya are brought together by that one language,” Mbusi said.

All tribes understand each other better through Sheng, unlike in English or even Kiswahili, for which one has to go to school.

Lion adds that Sheng has no dictionary and so, what you think is Sheng to you, respect it, “hiyo ndiyo Sheng yako”.

Sometimes there could be misunderstandings because Sheng is different in various places.

“Sheng has made us celebs, and it’s what is putting food on our tables,” Mbusi said.

Both say that sometimes, government officials complain that they are using vulgar language, which according to them is wrong.

Sheng in the city is different and even in every family, there are Sheng words used.

Mbusi says his children are very okay with the language and in fact, they bring new words from school that he even could not have known existed.

Mbusi says the first Sheng words his children learned were “Hakuna Mbrrrrrcha”m meaning no worries, and “Mambo hualala”.

“I had to be using it on my show,” he said.

Mbusii Salary

Mbusii made the big switch from Ghetto Radio to Radio Jambo in 2013. He co-presents the Mbusii Na Lion Teke Teke show alongside Liondee from 3pm to 7pm. In a previous interview, he revealed he earns close to KSh 750,000 every month from his shows. Incidentally, he is also an employee of Radio Africa, another indication of how well the media company pays its top radio personalities.

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