Mungai Eve Biography, Age, Education, Career, Breakup & Current Boyfriend

Mungai Eve is a known name in Kenya, especially among the young generations and celebrities. She is a very well-established content creator who grew gradually to become among the most sought-after interviewers for digital media in Kenya.

Mungai Eve’s Real Name

Mungai Eve’s full name Everlyn Wanjiku Mungai. She was born on April 6th, in the year 2000. She is from Gachiku village in Murang’a county. Her parents are all alive but any more information about them and other family members is scanty.

Mungai Eve Education

She went to local primary and secondary schools. According to her, being from a poor family made her change schools several times due to the lack of fees. Eve revealed that her father had wanted her to become a teacher, but she did not like it.

While in high school, a teacher noticed her good public speaking skills and advised her to pursue journalism.

After finishing her high school education, she enrolled in a journalism course but dropped out due to school fees.

Mungai Eve Media

Mungai Eve Media

After dropping out of college, Eve moved to Nairobi to look for employment but all that she got was not enough to keep her, something that made her want to go back home.

She revealed that she called her boyfriend, Trevor, and informed her of the decision to go back home but Trevor advised her to stay and open a YouTube channel. She posted her first video in October 2020 where she covered the Machakos Gengeton Festival.

This formed her foundation and journey to becoming what she is today. She became consistent and focused on stories affecting youths in informal settlements and also did celebrity stories. Her skills put her at be top of the game and her channel grew quite fast.

Mungai Eve’s net worth

From sources and estimations, the YouTube channel was giving her not less than ksh. 300k per month and this is a good amount of money. She also does advertisements and brand influencing. Her accumulated net worth is about ksh. 10 million.

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Mungai Eve and Trevor and Breakup 

Mungai Eve and Director Trevor were dating from around 2019/2020 and they both grew together to become celebrities.

In fact, it is Director Trevor who created the YouTube channel in Mungai Eve’s name. Despite criticism from people like Andrew Kibe, they managed to date for about four years before things started changing.

As of now, it is clear they are no longer together but the reason for their breakup still remains unknown however rumors have it that it was about infidelity.

This breakup saw Director Trevor taking the social media platforms that had Eve’s name and changing them to Kenya Online Media.

Reason Why Mungai Eve and Trevor Break Up

Trevor, an affluent video director and photographer has revealed the two broke up a year ago and had been putting up an online charade for their fans.

He only recently decided to make the news public due to Mungai stating she no longer wants to work with him.

“We broke up in February 2023. We remained friends and business partners until when she said she did not want to work with this brand anymore. Because she is the one who said she did not want to work with us, I had to take what belongs to me,” Director Trevor said while speaking to Tuko.

He went on to clarify that the channels might have had Eve’s face and name but she was merely just his employee.

Trevor maintained he owned all their YouTube pages as well as Facebook accounts highlighting that now that both their romantic and business ties had come to an end Eve would no longer be benefiting from the ’empire’ he had created.

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