Meet Esther Musila’s First Husband, Mr Eric

Esther Musila’s first husband, the father of her three children met when she moved to Nairobi from Nakuru for work. The mother of three said she got a job with a firm that was near State House in Nairobi and that it was while she was in that job that she started building her life.

She got the job by applying after finding the address of the company that hired her in the phone book.

After meeting her ex-husband, the 53-year-old queen started a family with him and they had three children together.

Esther Musila Banking Job

“I stayed with my friend Kianda for about a month while I was looking for a place to live, and life began. At that time, I met Gilda’s father and then we started a family. I had my three children with him and then I got tired of that job,” Musila said during an interview with KTN.

After losing her first job in Nairobi, the mother of three applied for another job in a bank while she was pregnant with her first child.

In the interview, he opened up about how he submitted her mother’s urine for pregnancy tests before getting the job because it was a bank requirement for women to be tested for pregnancy before being hired.

Esther Musila's First Husband
Esther Musila’s First Husband

“My mother gave me her urine. I knew I was pregnant. I needed to go to a job interview. I traveled with my mother’s urine from Nakuru to Nairobi,” Esther Musila said.

He luckily got the job after submitting his mother’s urine and worked at the bank for about 6 years before resigning to take care of her children who were very young at the time.

Esther Musila’s First Husband

Esther Musila’s first husband, Mr. Eric, with whom she had three children, passed away in 2016.

In an earlier interview, Musila’s daughter, Gilda Naibei said they loved their late father very much while explaining that when Guardian Angel joined the family he understood that they did not need another father.

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“We had a father, we are with a father. His name was Erick, may his soul rest in peace. He was a good father, we loved him. We lost him in 2016. I can say that I am with a father. He is very much a guardian, he is like a counselor,” Gilda said.

Esther Musila during an interview with KTN.

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