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Kirinyaga Based Advocate Of Social Justice Martha Karua Message To Mt Kenya And Kenyatta!

Martha Karua

Martha Karua; It really pains my heart. Welcoming people who boycotted elections causing massive death and economic meltdown and betraying a friend who stood with you even in your hardest times.

What happened to our God-given conscience that you can betray a friend without an iota of shame?? But to Dr. William Ruto, we will cover your shame and your nakedness, you are engraved in our hearts and our minds especially to us the people of central!

Uhuru we will not allow you to recruit us, especially in mt Kenya in your hate and betrayal towards William Ruto! Swali tunauliza; William Ruto was a saint in 2013 and 2017, what has changed?

Uhuru Kenyatta, which sins have Ruto committed that he can’t be forgiven, that Raila was forgiven? But I thank the people of central and mt Kenya region for your steadfast support towards Ruto.

Even if I don’t support him, but he deserves Respect and honor not humiliation day by day. Uhuru has portrayed a bad image to the Kikuyu nation.

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