Creatures Of The System Are Often Destroyed By The Same System

Creatures Of The System

William Ruto and URP were creations of the entrenched “system” as a counterbalance to Raila Odinga.

It is Mwai Kibaki’s handlers, including Nancy Gitau who facilitated, financed and protected Ruto’s rebellion from ODM.

All weekend rallies against Raila were financed by the State. It is during Kibaki’s regime that weekend insults became a tool of trade in Kenya’s politics. It is the “system” that birthed the URP-TNA coalition that went on to succeed Kibaki.

It is this same “system” that orchestrated the collapsing of political parties into Jubilee. It is the entrenched “deep state” that lined up state institutions, including the IEBC to ensure that Jubilee defended its position as the ruling party, often deploying unorthodox means, including the hiring of the now-disgraced political propaganda firm of Cambridge Analytica.

When the “system” was busy with work, Ruto was silent. I do not remember him vehemently supporting an open and transparent probe into the mysterious murders of Chris Msando, then an IT officer at the electoral commission and business partner turned government critic, Jacob Juma. In an interesting turn of events, the William Ruto of today alludes to the idea that the “system” actually kills people who are seen as obstacles.

The idea that William Ruto is a “self made man” politically is a fallacy. The system has propped up the man for the last 15 years, allowing him the latitude to do whatever he wishes, in exchange for mortgaging his ethnic voting block to the system.

It is Nancy Gitau and her friends in Kibaki’s administration that held his hand from 2007 to 2013 as he rebelled against Raila. It is Nancy Gitau and associates that birthed Jubilee, the same Nancy Gitau now mentioned in the recent “La Manda” series of meetings.

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Creatures Of The System

And while Ruto was being facilitated by “deep State,” he showed his claws too soon. Impatient, exhibiting raw ambition and sometimes presenting or acting like a co-President to the chagrin of his political creators.

Not to be outdone, he was soon competing for economic opportunities with members of the “system.” It is reported that he once told his supporters that he was the man in charge and that the President is simple “drunkard.”

As Ruto was preparing to make the President a sitting “lame duck” in his second term, “deep State” was already thinking of neutralizing his influence.

Uhuru had secured his second term and Raila, the man to whom Ruto was counterbalancing for the “system” in the last 10 years, was no longer a threat, and only needed some sort of inducement to support the government.

Yet, Ruto surrogates are still stuck in the role of counterbalancing Raila, even as the “system” is busy moving towards cannibalizing their man.

While Raila is the face of “deep state” orchestration against Ruto, it is the President who is presiding over the political decimation of his deputy. And because Ruto knows he is a mere creation of the system, he finds it difficult to call out the President directly. Taking your “creator” headon has its consequences, both political and economic.

Creatures Of The System

Enter age considerations. Raila is old. Ruto is relatively “young.” Do the math. For entrenched “deep State,” it is “safe” to have an old man as a one term President than a younger candidate who could radically keep the Presidency away from the control of the influence of the entrenched “deep state” for more than 10 years.

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Ruto’s political interests and those of entrenched “deep State” are no longer aligned. He has outlived his usefulness within the system. And in an effort to ran away from his former elite friends, William is now a “poor hustler.”

The same “system” that created William Ruto is busy working at chipping away his political influence.

At some point, everyone pays for their past sins.

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