The Kalenjin Council of Elders have Warned Uhuru of Dire Consequences for Disrespecting the Community.

Kalenjin Council of Elders

The Kalenjin Council of Elders is now demanding answers from President Kenyatta on what is happening between him and his deputy William Ruto.

The Council has given the President time to rethink his actions of disrespecting the Kalenjin Community or face dire consequences they did not specify.

Kalenjin Council of Elders Demands

The elders who were speaking to members of the press on Sunday at an Eldoret hotel said Uhuru Kenyatta had shown utter disrespect to the community despite the overwhelming support they have accorded him in three presidential elections.

“It’s no longer secret that President Uhuru Kenyatta has continued to disrespect our community for no apparent reason. We are giving him time to rethink before we explore our next course of action. If he has any issues with his deputy, let him say”, said Kalenjin Council of Elders

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