Joho Weighs In On Raila’s Health


Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has moved to reassure Kenyans that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga is on the path to full recovery after he underwent surgery.

Governor Joho, who is Raila’s deputy, sought to allay fears and speculations surrounding the ODM leader’s health after his departure from the country to seek treatment abroad leaked out into the public domain.

The murmurs clouding Raila’s health had kicked up a storm on social media, with Kenyans lashing out at his handlers for attempting to shroud the issue in secrecy.

Joho Reveals That Mr. Odinga Underwent A Procedure

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

“He has undergone a procedure, let us not forget that even our leaders are still human beings; some times they have to be sick and get treated, some times they have to deal with the issues that every human being goes through,” said Joho.

Joho was confident that the former Prime Minister will soon spring back onto his feet, adding that he had spoken to Mr. Odinga earlier in the morning and he had exhibited a lot of exuberance.

“This morning I had the opportunity to speak to my party leader. I feel happy and encouraged that he’s progressing really well. I have no doubt that within the shortest time possible, Baba will be back in Kenya. So ours is to continue to stay strong, to pray for him,” said Joho.

He asked Kenyans and ODM supporters to include Raila in their prayers.

“So for us as a people, more importantly, the fraternity of ODM, we continue to pray for our leader,” said Joho.

Joho said that Raila would soon find his way back into the country to continue with the agenda of uniting people.

He further added that: “I want to tell our supporters that our leader is strong, our leader is solid, he is recovering well, and soon he shall land back in Kenya and continue with the journey of ensuring we achieve our agenda of uniting the people of Kenya.”

Oburu Says His Brother Was Flown To Dubai

Mr. Odinga’s elder brother and EALA MP Dr. Oburu Odinga on Wednesday revealed to a local newspaper that the ODM party chief is in a Dubai hospital for “a minor surgical operation on his back.”

Dr. Oburu Oginga.

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