We Did Not Fight With Ruto, Says Joe Ageyo As He Opens up on Social Media Rumours.

Joe Ageyo

The veteran journalist Joe Ageyo has finally cleared the air over claims that there was a fistfight between him and the Kenyan Deputy President Doctor William Ruto. Joe Ageyo who was speaking in one of the programs in Ramogi FM on August 31, 2020, said that there was nothing like a physical fight after the interview he had with Ruto.

In response to a question by Ramogi’s Victor Juma who asked Ageyo to clarify what happened on that day, Ageyo said that the claims were just the works of bloggers who are trying to make a living by all means.

Joe Ageyo

“Deputy President is a very big man in this country, and if he was to slap even a street boy then the whole country would have known. Those who are peddling this kind of allegations are bloggers who are trying to make a living by all means. I am from Uyoma and our history states that it is not easy for anyone to confront us physically. Victor, I can tell you that nothing of that sort ever happened,” said Joe Ageyo.

These claims came just a few minutes after the interview between Joe and Ruto was aired on Citizen TV. It went viral especially on social media however it has now turned out to be misleading news. This kind of controversial blogging in Kenya has since cast the Kenyan bloggers in a bad light in recent times.

Joe Ageyo

Joe Ageyo who further explained his side of the story became humorous when he told Victor Juma that those peddled such lies did not do him any justice because they have now created an impression that he is someone who can easily be beaten. 

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