Jalango Mwenyewe Invites Andrew Kibe To His YouTube Show.

Jalango Mwenyewe

For about a week, several radio stations sought for his signature in vain, save for Kiss 100, where he started his journey in the media industry.


The comedian in one of his YouTube shows disclosed he was moving to Radio Africa but did not specify whether he was going to settle on Kiss 100, Radio Jambo or Classic 105.

No sooner had he dropped the hint on his next move than Andrew Kibe, a presenter at Kiss 100 resigned.

Kibe with kamene goro /photo/twitter

While he made it clear he had resigned, quite a number of people thought he had been fired to give room for Jalang’o whom many suspect is heading to Kiss 100.


Many started peddling rumours that there is a grueling beef between Jalas and Kibe since the former had taken the latter’s job.

The claims were so serious that Jalang’o came out to clear the air, holding he is not the reason behind Kibe’s exit from Kiss 100.

Even with his clarification, people kept blaming and accusing him of rendering fellow hustle jobless.

Well, to further clear the air and put things into perspective, Jalang’o invited Kibe to his YouTube show set for Friday, July 3, afternoon.

Judging by the poster of the show and Jalang’o’s caption, it is clear the show is aimed at confirming he is not the reason behind Kibe’s current joblessness condition.


Posted by Jalango Mwenyewe on Thursday, July 2, 2020

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