What is TPAD? How to fill TPAD Form Online

How to fill TPAD Form Online

What is TPAD?

Tpad is an abbreviation of Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development. The Performance Appraisal System for teachers was introduced by TSC to strengthen the supervision of teachers in Kenya and monitor their performance in curriculum implementation at the school level.

At the end of the day, once a teacher submits their form on TPAD, TSC will get to know of the following from them; (used approved schemes of work, lesson plans, lesson notes, records of work, textbooks, teaching/learning aid, availability of tests/examinations, marking scheme, learners marked exercise books, marked text papers, individualized education programs, timely syllabus coverage e.t.c)

How to fill TPAD form online and submit (TSC Teachers)

Before you get started with filling TPAD form for teachers online be sure that your account has been activated by your education Sub-County Director or the head of the institution.

The next thing you are supposed to do is to download the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development form from this page.

How to fill TPAD Form Online

Now that you have done that lets proceed to the next steps;

  • Visit the TPAD official website: http://tpad.tsc.go.ke:83/
  • Click Login
  • Enter your Username and Password (If you are logging in for the first time. The default username is your TSC number and Your password is your TSC number).
  • After log in to you will see your name at the top right corner
  • Place your cursor on Actions and Click on  Teaching Standards, Teaching Standards Mass, Learners Progress, Lesson Attendance, Professional Development, or  Appraisal Remarks as indicated below.
  • Then Select Professional Knowledge and applications as shown below
  • Then Click LOAD fields (Image)
  • Fill in the appraisee rating, appraiser rating, and agreed on rating  and click the SAVE button
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Do the same for other fields like;

  • Time Management
  • Innovation and creativity in teaching
  • Learner protection, safety, discipline and teacher conduct
  • Promotion of Co-curricular Activities
  • Professional Development

BONUS TIP: If you make a mistake, you can click the green button indicated as EDIT DATA and correct the mistake. In case of an error try refreshing the page and start again. The website works well on Desktop Browsers. Avoid using your phone.

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