How I Stopped Monosexual “Kunyonga” And Saved My Marriage.


After nearly 20 years of marriage, my physical desire for my wife is utterly insatiable by Monosexual. I have a stimulating, engaging job, but spend much of the day fantasizing about her. Thankfully, I am satisfied most evenings when we make love passionately.

I don’t want to be one of those men who sulks or manipulates in order to obtain sex, so I do my best to take it on the chin when it’s clearly off the table. I have restless days and nights when I know I’m becoming too demanding, and have to impose strict self-discipline.

Luckily, my wife has a powerful sex drive, too, but sometimes she asks if I primarily lost love for her body. In all honesty, I don’t know the answer. I never fantasize about other women or watch pornography; I find seductive images of my wife more arousing than any strangers online.

I dread the onset of her period and probably track her cycle more closely than she does. When it comes, it can last a full, agonizing week. The first night is sheer bliss. I have a few hobbies, but these often feel like filling time away from true passion.

I bitterly resent my job when it leaves me too much exhausted for lovemaking. I am an
otherwise temperate individual, but sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to monogamous sex, commonly referred to as “kunyonga” it’s one thing that I feel am addicted to because I find myself doing it from time to time I feel like making Love, Soap, Oil and any other slippery substance I came across aroused my feelings, this is some of the substance that I used day in day out to get my sexual energy off and relieve my sexual wanting.

I totally lost love towards my wife’s body, I had no feelings for her by my side, from time to time she kept complaining about what was wrong with me and I couldn’t tell, I was just in some other world that kept me in fantasy, from time to time you would find me online, looking at Nudes or on a pornographic sites, either watching or downloading porn, after watching or seeing women nudes, I would create a whole fantasy of a naked woman in my body and stimulate myself to jerk-off.

The jerking was tiresome to a point I would feel sleepy after finishing, I tried to stop it
but it was hard I was already an addict to it.

Roughly I would do it thrice a day when it came to matters bedroom, I was dominant, fully dormant, with my forcefully demanding wife.

I could just go for one round and go asleep like a log of wood, I really loved my wife, and as I promised her on the wedding day to always keep her happy.

But hear I had just gone against my promises; I was not able to fulfill her conjugal rights, she at one point threatened to take me to court on grounds of not satisfying her sexually.
After an elapse of two years, I noticed a behavioral change in her, she began behaving weirdly too, perhaps she had gotten another man outside of marriage to satisfy her sexually.

I started feeling jealous but there was no way I was going to ask her about it, she was doing what was right for her, I decided to meet her in person and I explained to her what had been happening to me and apologized to her, she said she had the solution to my problem, she referred me to Kiwanga doctors whom I called and explained my problems to, the doctor gave me some instructions and in two days my sexual wanting towards women was back again. I can now satisfy her sexually.

My marriage was saved thanks to Kiwanga doctors.

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