“Who cares about your TRIBE? Give us a BREAK!” Angry Political Analyst Attacks Uhuru Over His Remarks.

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On Saturday during the burial of the late Musalia Mudavadi’s mother Hannah Mudavadi, the Head of State President Uhuru Kenyatta said that it is time for other communities to rule Kenya.

His sentiment however has not been received well by the Deputy President Dr William Ruto’s close allies.

Former Raila Odinga’s ally, Political Analyst Professor Edward Kisiangani (who is now a diehard of the Deputy President) has angrily fired at the President saying that there is no one who cares if a person is a Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, or Kalenjin.

Give us a BREAK!" Angry Political Analyst Attacks Uhuru Over His Remarks.
Give us a BREAK!” Angry Political Analyst Edward Waswa Kisiang’ani Attacks Uhuru Over His Remarks.

The DP Ruto allied political strategist has therefore told off the President to give them a break saying that the country is not looking for specific tribes but looking for effective, sensitive, and competent leadership.

“Who cares whether you are Kikuyu, Luo, Luhyia, or Kalenjin? Who cares about your tribe? Give us a break! Kenyans are not looking for and at tribes.

That is trivial. The country is looking for competent, sensitive, and effective leadership, tribe regardless!.” Professor Edward Kisiangani noted on his Twitter page.

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