BREAKING ‘Dead’ Man Screams For Help at Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital

Kapkatet Mortuary

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital: Negligence by doctors has become rampant in the country. Doctors cases operating different people or parts of the body than the required party has been experienced in this country for a number of times. However, Kenyans on social pages have continued to condemn this act of negligence by doctors. Mixed reactions have erupted online after recently there was a delivery woman who’s the case was a drunk doctor had operated her halfway at the longish hospital and later she was rushed to Tenwek hospital…

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Meet Sanele Masilela a 9- Years Old Boy Who Married A 62-Year-Old Lady in 2014.

9- Years Old Boy Who Married A 62 Year Old Lady in 2014

TweetShareSharePin1717 Shares Hellen Shabangu and Sanele Masilela got married in a wedding back in the year 2014. The news of their Marriage lit up the internet, people all over the social media platforms. Yes, at such a young age, this boy exchanges wedding rings with his biological mother in front of his father and hundreds of invited guests. Reasoning too much love, this boy is married to his mother who is 62 years old and will be the father of 5 other siblings. Marriage of minors is always a scourge in…

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DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party, Seize Reams of condoms, 100+ Alcohol Bottles

DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Yesterday The DCI Arrests 44 School Children Aged Between 14 Years And 17 Years Old At A House Party In Mountain View Estate It is now seven months plus since the closure of schools due to the invasion of the novel Corona. Since the report of the first case in March, the government came to an agreement to close all learning institutions as a measure to curb the spread of the virus. However strange happenings have been happening during this long holiday such as recording the highest numbers…

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How Nairobi Criminal Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online Users Before Robbing Them.

Nairobi Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online

TweetShareSharePin1919 Shares On November 28 last year, American Philipe Chiliade landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to meet his gay men lovers whom he had fallen in love with after a brief encounter on Facebook. Chiliade was chauffeured out of the airport in a cab and taken to a single room in Pipeline estate in Nairobi, where his life would turn into misery, in the hands of the purported lovers. He was extensively tortured and robbed of everything by men who had promised romance but left him nursing serious…

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5 Common Traits All Women That Cheat Have In Common.

Women That Cheat

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Women That Cheat all have similar traits, here we will help you understand your woman very well. In the society, cheating is one of the fundamental issue that everyone is talking about because it ruins families and lives. We all know why people cheat but some men don’t know that you can actually know if a woman is a liar and she has been seeing another man behind your back. What is interesting though is that most of those women that cheat on their men actually have several…

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Details About Othuol Othuol Wife and 2 Kids – Eunice Njeri Emerges (Photos).

Othuol Othuol Wife

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares Othuol Othuol Wife – Nyeri Woman only identified as Eunice Njeri has claimed that she has been having an intimate relationship with Othutol Othuol over the years and has given birth to 2 beautiful kids. The two dated since 2015. Othuol Othuol Wife – Njeri now wants the family of Othuol Othuol to share with her part of the wealth or she will sue all of them.  “I have to be given the wealth that I deserve, otherwise how will these children survive?” Othuol Othuol Wife Asked Ironically…

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In Bugoma a Cow Give Birth to a Calf With a Human-Like Face.

Calf With a Human-Like Face

TweetShareSharePin1111 Shares Residents of Nandemu in Bungoma County were on the morning of Tuesday, November 09, left in shock after a cow gave birth to a Calf With a Human-Like Face. According to witnesses, the cow has been in good health during the nine months pregnancy period. However, things went astray on the dawn of Tuesday, November 09, when the owner of the cow woke up and found the cow had delivered a unique creature resembling a baby boy. “We have never seen such before. This is our first ever…

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Meet the Popular 84yrs-old Priest Who Retired to Act Pornography (VIDEO)

84yrs-old Priest Who Retired to Act Pornography

TweetShareSharePin1818 Shares 84-year-old retired Priest Norm Self embarked on a new career last year – as a porn star. He appeared alongside two adult film ‘veterans’ in his first film. Norm is also a veteran – a Korean War Navy veteran. “It was splendid! How could it not be?” said Norm of the shoot. A retired priest has shocked many after he exchanged his priesthood for a porn star at the age of 85. Norm Self, a retired priest from North Dakota, appeared in his first adult film. Having grown…

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I Paid For The Wedding, His Education, Visa, And Plane Ticket And He Never Returned Back- Lady Cry Out.

I Paid

TweetShareSharePin1616 Shares I paid for the wedding, his training, visa and boarding pass and he stayed away forever back The fragrance of affection isn’t something numerous individuals can stand up to. Regardless of the amount you attempt, love is risky to state no to. In the event that you can defeat its allurements, you get a cheerful life ahead of time. In the event that the draw of loved ones gets you into it, you become crushed forever. It is a promulgation that one needs humbleness and mindful speculation before…

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I Want To Marry A Man Who Understands That 4 Rounds Is Just Warm Up Lady Reveals Her Choice Of Men.

4 Rounds Is Just Warm Up

TweetShareSharePin2222 Shares I Want To Marry A Man Who Understands That 4 Rounds Is Just Warm Up Lady Reveals Her Choice Of Men. It is without a doubt that, gone are the days when people had relationships and families just for what it is meant to be. That is to procreate to maintain and continue family trees and lineage. Nowadays, young people and even some old ones go into marriages for the satisfaction and comfort it might bring. Yes, some go into relationships for the monetary enjoyment it’ll bring and…

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