Time Of Reckoning: Why and How Dr. Fred Matiangi Should Go For It!

Fred Matiangi

Fred Matiangi remember this Kenyan presidency, has been oscillating between two pre-dominant communities for over 50years now. The Agikuyu and Kalenjin communities have produced four presidents;

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who rose to the presidency for 15years, Mwai Kibaki for 10years, Moi for 24years, and now Uhuru Kenyatta who has served Kenyans for 8years, with 2 more years to go.

Besides the Agikuyu and Kalenjins, other tribes that have also benefited from the Vice/Deputy Presidency include the Luo’s father to RAILA ODINGA, Luhya’s Wamalwa and Akamba’s Kalonzo Musyoka

The surge for another tribe to take the mantle has been awakened. Kenyans now feel United to support a neutral tribe as we forge for politics of inclusion and unity .The cards are on the table and everyone looks eager for a change .

History is full of transformative leaders who rose from minority communities across the world. In France, the French elected Nikolas Sarkozy a minority jew immigrants. In Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei Ali, from the Azeri minority community rose to become Iran’s supreme leader. And for sure foreseen transformation of Iran.

Of course, we can not forget Barack Obama , from the minority African community who rose to become the President of US, the Free World. His achievements will remain for eternity.

Closer home, our neighbours Tanzania’s founding father came from the Zanaki tribe, one of the smallest tribe near Mara. Julius Kambarage Nyerere Nyerere later emerged as the greatest statesman and Pan-africanist of his time.

It suffices it to say that the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has been hailed for his “exemplary performance” by a section of key leaders who opined that he is fit to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The self-made politician who rose from a mere classroom English/Literature teacher against all odds and he is now a renowned technocrat who has taken all ministries he has been appointed to take charge by storm. The Cabinet secretary has been the talk of the town since his time at the ministry of ICT, Education, and now interior ministry.

Many leaders now describe DR. Fred Matiangi as an honest and diligent leader and given the opportunity to serve Kenyans, he will restructure all departments and revamp this country to match South Africa and make Nairobi our Dubai.

Besides being serious and a bulldozer while in office , Fred Matiangi is a humble church going Christian who puts God forward above all .

In the next government of unity, Fred Matiangi deserves to be flanked with exemplary governors Hon. Ali Hassan Joho, Hon Kivutha Kibwana, Dr. Alfred Mutua, Governor Oparanya, yet all as deputies and or holding essential cabinet positions in government.

Kikuyu community seems ready to give power to a neutral candidate. President Uhuru’s legacy stands out to unite all Kenyans and thus Fred Matiangi’s presidency is inevitable to get out of Dominance of governance from two communities.

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