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DP William Ruto’s Demands to Support BBI

Breakdown of DP William Ruto's 3 Simplified Demands On BBI

Kenyans are yet to clearly understand on which side the DP William Ruto Demands to Support BBI

The DP who has consistently maintained that Kenya has more pressing issues to deal with besides a referendum had set his demands to ensure an unopposed referendum.

Here is a summary of the DP William Ruto demands.

  1. If Kenyans must go for a referendum then it must be done together with the 2022 Elections.

This, the DP claims could save Kenya of costs incurred by the two elections if carried out independently. The Opposition, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, has however maintained that the referendum has to be done before elections as there are elective positions that would need to be on the ballot during the general election.

2. The new women’s positions should be elective and not for nominations.

The Deputy President has also shown concern on the introduced nomination posts for women. The DP says nominations would give room for manipulation of decisions, hence blocking the independence of those in the positions.

The DP, therefore, needs the posts to be elective so as to represent issues of the common citizen not of the nominees’ party leaders.

3. Issue by Issue BBI referendum

According to the DP, if the government doesn’t reach a consensus by the time of the referendum, then Kenyans should be allowed to vote issue by Issue. Meaning Kenyans should be allowed to vote for what they need and to reject what they’ll find unnecessary and burdening.

The pro-BBIs on the other end claim this could bring loads of confusion to voters and could be more expensive as compared to a NO/YES choice.

Depending on which side you take as a voter or a common Mwananchi, all these proposals have their cons and pros. And so, what do you think of the above proposals/ demands by the Deputy President?

Do they make sense? Are they the best way to go? What about the BBI in general? Share your thoughts below.

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