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The Cost Of Buying A Brand New Tractor In Kenya

The Cost Of Buying A Brand New Tractor In Kenya

A tractor is a very useful machine both on the farm and in the industrial sector. This is because it can perform various tasks depending on the implementation attached to it.

Based on the farm, the tractor can be used in planting, application of fertilizer, harrowing, digging, and transportation of produce from the farm to the stores.

In an industrial sector, the tractor can as well be used in transporting raw materials from extraction sites to the industry and finished products to the market.

These machines are very efficient in carrying out the tasks they are assigned as compared to other related means such as the use of animals or physical walking.

Tractors are also very simple to maintain since they are not prone to breakages and their spare parts are readily and locally available at any workshop that deals in such types of equipment.

Tractors come in different models but the most prominent ones today are the Massey Ferguson and the Ford. They all carry out the same task in the same way through the difference is just their make and model.

They can be bought here in Kenya from any recognized showroom. Their prices are also very affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to other forms of automotive machines.

They are sold at a range of Sh1.2 million to 2.6 million. Here are some models together with their price tags;

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